RT @CodigoFalado: Às vezes eu deixo de assistir um vídeo no YouTube só porque a pessoa no Thumbnail está assustada e o assunto não deveria…

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Empowering developers with AI for code. Boost productivity for you & your team with the power of Tabnine’s all-language AI-assisted code completions.

@babubhaiyya202 @intellijidea Thanks for choosing us as your favorite JetBrains plugin, Babu! Best of luck with the…

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My views are my own.

#JBA_achievement unlocked! I've just finished the Number Base Converter project on #JetBrainsAcademy from…

EduTools plugin

JetBrains YouTrack

Powerful project management and knowledge base for all your teams by @JetBrains

@JacobRedfield1 @jetbrains Sure! Please feel free to learn more about YouTrack at our website…

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RT @JetBrainsRu: Ознакомьтесь с подборкой инструментов JetBrains для тестирования и QA: Подберите то, что подходит…

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Raghavan Iyengar

@BelloneDavide If you happen to use jetbrains rider it has built in navigator for Postgres .. I followed same appro…

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Джетбрейнер и адвокат Яндекса

Вместо маги в ИТМО можно пойти работать в JetBrains, эффект, вероятно, даже будет больше )) тем более все магистры и phd тут

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The thought manifests as the word. The word manifests as the deed. The deed develops into habit. And the habit hardens into character. — Buddha

RT @JetBrains_Fleet: How is Fleet built? The "Fleet Below Deck" series is going to cover various aspects of Fleet, from the top-level archi…

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The thought manifests as the word. The word manifests as the deed. The deed develops into habit. And the habit hardens into character. — Buddha

@JetBrains_Fleet That's great. I was just trying to hurry up for new progress.

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시삽이 되고싶어

SYStemOP 《 JS는 어떻게 다시 강타입이 되었나 》

RT @GeekNewsBot: JavaScript 25 주년 타임라인 자바스크립트가 벌써 25주년이 되었네요, Jetbrains 에서 25주년을 맞이해서 타임라인을 만들었네요. 인상 깊은 타임라인 몇가지…

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Alexander Nozik (иноэкстремист)

Senior researcher @ MIPT. Team lead in JetBrains Research. Physicist-programmer. PhD in particle physics. Teacher. Google developer expert. Moscow KUG leader.

На хабре вышла статья Татьяны Мухиной о курсе по LabVIEW!

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Masaru Horioka

Country Manager - Japan, JetBrains(お困りの事があればお知らせください) ex静的解析Sales Engineer Atsugi Zama Toastmasters club(英語/パブリックスピーチ) Tweet is my personal opinion.

@atNightTwoMoons こんにちは。JetBrains Toolbox AppはApple Silicon版はお使いでしょうか?あと、Apple Silicon版かどうかは、アクティビティモニタのプロセス一覧の”種類”で確認されていますでしょうか?


Denis Žoljom

Tweets in English are usually more 'official', tweets in Croatian are usually useless banter 😂 Tinkering with WordPress and PHP | | he/him

@phpstorm Jup, I have everything set up and working (up to a few things). Web-based debugging works like a charm, b…

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JetBrains Rider

A fast & powerful cross-platform .NET IDE by @JetBrains. Develop .NET,, .NET Core, Xamarin, Unity apps on Windows, Mac, Linux.

@pensionerov We have [this]( open issue on our tracker. Feel free to upvote this issue if you are interested.


JetBrains WebStorm

The smartest JavaScript IDE, by @JetBrains Tips and tricks: #WebStormTip New features: #NewInWebStorm

@TilkTilly Sorry about that! Does it happen in all projects, including the newly created ones? It'd help a lot if y…

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