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Michael Daly

Multiple employment, researcher, writer, fan

RT @amspectator: San Francisco Considers Renaming School After Jerry Garcia by Bill Croke

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Odd News and Cultural Observations. Real People only please and P.S. - Please read my pinned tweet before following OK? (On Parler & Gab, same @ )

San Francisco Considers Renaming School After Jerry Garcia

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Biff LaTourette

One never knows, do one? - Fats Waller

San Francisco Considers Renaming School After Another "Dead" White Guy @DawsAngeles…

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danny tanner

okay but honestly real shit, jerry garcia pre grateful dead slaps

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Jake Karmel

UW Madison grad // Chicago born

@AndrewDettmer @maceyyperryyyy Drums: Carter Beauford (DMB) Bass: John Paul Jones (Zeppelin) Lead: Jerry Garcia (Gr…

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Loves 60-70s music. Judy Collins, The Byrds関連, O.C.M.S., S&G (S/G), Bob Dylan周辺, Yes, Tom Petty, George Harrison, etc. マンドリンが好きです。

RT @Marc_Fagel: In honor of the birthday of the late great Nicky Hopkins, here's a playlist celebrating history's greatest session pianist,…

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The American Spectator

Caterwauling and bamboozling since 1967! We provide witty political and cultural commentary from the nation's capital. RTs are not endorsements. #tcot

San Francisco Considers Renaming School After Jerry Garcia by Bill Croke

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Cameron Talei

yes, you know me from wu-tang clan.

i just found out jerry garcia did all that shit mf had NO middle finger

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steve Lourenco

All night pouring but not a drop on me

@BalkansBohemia @Super70sSports Tangled up in Blue. Jerry Garcia's version in '77 was and is the gold standard for that song. 7-9-77

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ATTiTUNE (entertainment)

Jerry Garcia Band - Keystone Palo Alto, Palo Alto, CA 12 21 79

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Music, memories, mystic. Pointing out faux Christians & their hypocrisy Gaslighting me doesn't work. I own a flamethrower

@sueinphilly Hope you were seeing Jerry Garcia

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KALX Playlist

Music playing from KALX 90.7FM, UC Berkeley's freeform college radio station. @kalxradio

06:56am Love Scene - Jerry Garcia - Zabriskie Point (Sony Classical)


Iron Curtain (Chiptunes) / #Save§230

Q.A. Tester for @PlayDots. Chip Musician. Soundcloud: Bandcamp:

@ezmacncheese23 @MrJoeKeenan Depends on how one views God. I view God as a metaphorical personified construct of th…

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Dr. Snaggle Tooth

I like eating Corn-on-the-Cob.....and tree branches.

@wiltennant @johnrobertsFox “Kurt Cobain was, ladies and gentleman, a worthless shred of human debris.” And Jerry G…

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Hughie Back Again

USMCR ret. ANTI tRump Crime Family. Father of 5. College BBaller convict tRump & rudy L. Bobbert. followed by Agolf t. , Hold my Pom.,Ted. & Northern G.

RT @itsJeffTiedrich: your reminder that when Jerry Garcia died, Rush Limbaugh called him "just another dead doper. and a dirt bag"

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