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don't be afraid to be open minded. your brain isn't going to fall out.

jd mv nya jongin tuh bakal kaya movie gtu loh, buat kalian yg tau mv melanie martinez di album k-12 nah kayanya sih…

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jay acevedo

@jonmorosi @MLB @MLBNetwork I thought they were trading for JD Martinez

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BBQ. BEER. & BS. ✊🏼 {.P-Nav.}

Name is Paul, people call me P-Nav #BlackLivesMatter #SKYWARN trained weather spotter #ForTheH ⚾️ #LakeShow 🏀 #GigEm👍🏼 #WeDemBoyz 🏈 Corpus to ATX to H-Town

@DannyVietti Hunter Pence, JD Martinez

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Jordan Leandre

Cancer survivor | @sabr intern (@Boston_SABR) | @BrookeTyburski❤️ ⬅️ my motivation | ASU Cronkite ‘23 | @IBWAA | N’Keal Harry enthusiast

The Sox got next to nothing out of JD Martinez (or Benintendi) in 2020 and Devers struggled mightily out of the gat…

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Nick Alvarez

Cancer Survivor | FGCU Alum | Photographer | Marlins | Panthers | Jets | Yankees | Hurricanes | Heat | All views are my own

JD Martinez and Mike Fiers

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Lou Tenore

Proud father of 2,Cubs fan, Bears fan, reluctant Bulls fan, & a political moderate!

@PRINCE_OF_NY @tim815 Stanton, Cano, Verlander, Arod, and so many others have been moved. How about JHEY & JD Mart…

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Ryan Garcia (Nerd Troll)

He/Him 16-Year-Old Contributor for @EmpireSportsMed, @UnhingedNewYork and @OT_Heroics Yankees/Browns/Knicks

@NYSportsFanCush Nolan Arenado: 76 wRC+ Javier Baez: 57 wRC+ Joey Gallo: 77 wRC+ JD Martinez: 77 wRC+ Jose Altuve:…

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a king with magical feathers 😉🧚🏾‍♂️🌈

RT @danmassoud: the way I’m in love with mike golic jr.. pleased to announce that he has officially replaced JD martinez on my husband lis…

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Melanie martinez , ini pengen bgt nonton dr jaman kapan tau :( grgr die kena skandal jd sempet hiatus huhu sedih

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Unofficial leader of the #UniversalDH family NOT AFFILIATED WITH CUBS, MLB, OR ANY PLAYER

@_ta7szn @YasmaniGrandaI @Sam_I_AM1013 @HeywardTroII More bWAR in 2019 than Anderson had in 2019 and 2020 combined…

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Follow me on Twitch and YouTube DBGaming18 for MLB the Show GTA V and more! Teams MLB Red Sox NFL Patriots!

@DaddyDimmuTv Nah you would slide Benintendi to center. Ozuna would play left. His defense can’t be much worse than…

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Stephen Coelho

TrackMan/KinaTrax, Tampa Bay Rays | Southeast Rep, Yakkertech

@mike_petriello In 2018 WS, Alex Cora swapped Mookie and JD Martinez from LF and RF depending on the situation. Wh…

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John Lovett

Poli Sci PhD. VAP at Wake Forest. Past: Merrimack, Richmond. Go Heels! Go Sox! Still does not have a podcast.

I would like to see the JD Martinez Mandalorian bobblehead.

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Ron Toenjes

celebrating homecoming 2015 with Norm , Mike, Rita and Ron..⚾️⚾️worked for several MLB organizations for 28 yrs.⚾️🇨🇱 working with hitters for 38 yrs⚾️🇨🇱⚾️

W T F is that ..!!!!! That’s a horrible concept.. if u want the palm up to pitcher concept ( jD Martinez -Spting T…

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Matt Martin

Red Sox fan and baseball fan in general. He/Him

The Red Sox lineup w/Kris Bryant: 1. Alex Verdugo RF 2. Kris Bryant LF 3. Rafael Devers 3B 4. JD Martinez DH 5. Xan…

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