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Angie Bulkeley

Former comedy critic/press photog. Horror/Ska/The Clash junkie. I like to combine song lyrics with horror movie gifs. Working on a horror novel called Malcolm.

RT @assassin_cactus: @angiebulkeley Michael Myers vs Jason Voorhees

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Cactus Assassin

I assassinate cacti

@angiebulkeley Michael Myers vs Jason Voorhees

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Jason Myers Thank for you for following me!!


Cristin Green

Do what you love, Love what you do. Don't let anyone take it from you. Those who attempt the absurd can achieve the impossible -A Einstein

For IT people looking to get certified, in comptia stuff... the 3 best king pings (professors) lol you have profess…

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🕹Jack Baldwin🕹

Retro gamer. NES Collector. Aspiring streamer & Youtube content creator. WWE/AEW, Marvel, Star Wars, TMNT, horror, Metal/Rock music. Cancer survivor.

@90sWWE @KaneWWE Kane was so much better and way more menacing when he didn’t talk. I get it they had make changes…

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Michael Audrey Myers

Height:6ft 7in Weight:215lbs Age:21 years old Nicknames:The Shape, Evil On Two Legs, The Devil, Evil, The Boogeyman DOB:October/19/1957 (This is a RP account)

RT @AndyJam13216377: @Hellersawyer_C @TheReelCreeper @WeslaughterBBQ @Its_Pennywise_ @II_PINHEAD_II @JasonLVoorhees @OGChucky1980 @RealMMye…

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@IdealMomBody Is the cheddar cheese to my cheesecake. there will be rts of lewd, gundam and lewd gundam so be warned

@dumbasstalon Nah its Myers Leather Freddy Jason And haha wouldnt it be funny if we watched scream together? 🥺

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Andy Adam

I don't care I don't ask me for money Amazon Argos xbox gift cards I am still single my birthday is Monday 1st June 2020

@Hellersawyer_C @TheReelCreeper @WeslaughterBBQ @Its_Pennywise_ @II_PINHEAD_II @JasonLVoorhees @OGChucky1980…

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Mike Gallion

Horror movies (classics), McChickens (nom) and Baseball (Cubs)

@carebecc Out of these 4, who do you think you'd have the best chance of surviving against: Jason Myers Freddy Leatherface

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i am who i am,like it or lump it😎,all the views expressed by me are my own🤡

RT @hulllive: He has been jailed again

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Perséfone Tenou Writer

Escrevendo desde 2000 | Publicando no Nyah desde 2005 | Publicando no Social Spirit desde 2012 | Autora de conteúdo LGBT+ original.

@_benjar_ E sim. O jason era uma criança com deficiências e não um vilão no filme 1, mas do 2 em diante o mais ridí…

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Hull Live

The official Twitter account for Hull Live: Also on Facebook:

He has been jailed again


Staring Teeth

Writer. Horror artist. Photographer. Beef jerky lover. Corn enthusiast. Non-binary. They/them pronouns Instagram @staring.teeth

@JMikeMorbid Michael Myers and Jason. They have a similar aesthetic, they both have demons they’re dealing with. Fa…

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Blue Whiskey

Dead Inside.

That’s not Little Mikey Myers that lived across the street it’s Jason Voorhees.

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