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Maxinamillion 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️🇪🇺

Queer 30s He/Him. BA, MA. Writer. Feminist. Occasional performer. Ex-archaeologist. World traveller. Legal Compliance Minion. Currently undergoing Parenting 101

Today I dropped kiddo off and actually went into his place and the merch is everywhere. The whole living room has l…

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@jasonwlf All 3 on the right! Jason Freddie Myers

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Второй аккаунт, потому что первый отключен🇷🇺

@IsraelArguell16 @noobde Michael Myers>>>>>x Jason Michael has a different killing method than Jason okay?

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Israel Arguello

Hello there! I am an autistic/ADHD idea inspirer and love making new ideas of whatever is on my mind. Please enjoy my latest tweets and status—and thanks y’all!

@_cermen_ @noobde I honestly think Slender Man would be nice because he is a very experimental character and I alre…

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RT @horrorlosers: Freddy, Jason, Chucky y Michael Myers y otras estrellas del cine slasher como si fueran 'Las tortugas ninja' de dibujos a…

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Nicki Rutledge

I capture special moments, those usually unseen & impossible to recreate. The once in a lifetime moments that can be cherished for all eternity.

Jason Holmes and Christi Myers's Fall Family Portrait Session Extra Images captured at Vaughters Barn in Lithonia,…


Luis Campos

Offering SEO services including web design & online marketing In SW Florida. Follow us on FB at:

RT @JasonBKaster: The Chiropractic Clinics of Dr. Jason B. Kaster, D.C. in Fort Myers and Naples can help alleviate the symptoms of irritab…

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The Jazdalorian

Hiya! I'm Jasmine! #BlackLivesMatter #Starfighter #NonCompliant #FuckTrump #NotMatterWhereYouGoThereYouAre #Hufflepuff #ScoopsTroop

RT @NeverMadeFilm: Our current guest @todd_farmer sandwiched between Jason Voorhees (@DerekMears) and Michael Myers (@TYLER_MANE). Random p…

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Dab on the haters bot

Jason the Turd is Happy when Dabbing on Myers who is

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Jukka Nurmi

Ravenclaw, Finnish, friend of all (well, most) animals and kids, certified ambassador of the Grumaxian Empire.

#StartAnArgumentIn4Words "Michael Myers?! 😆 Jason rules! 👍"

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Dab on the haters bot

Jason the Creepy dude is Weird when Kissing Myers who is Adorable

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Tina Columbo Married 30 years! Mom of 3 son's, 1 of them is an upcoming talent. Soon to show the world! 😍😘$Itsmebipples420 #TwitterPhilanthropy

@RealMMyers78 @JasonLVoorhees @Ghostface102000 @ElmStreetWired I'd have to say Michael Myers and Jason! Freddy come…

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Dab on the haters bot

Jason the Janitor is Sad when Dabbing on Myers who is Average

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Patrick C. Greene

Writer. Horror and martial arts fanatic. Cat butler. My books:

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Someone is sharing their Ire!!!! #ThisDayInAnger get angry @ThisAnger RT @TrixieAsk: Jason vs. Michael Myers, Que…

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