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Dogs are life. Flowers for spring? Groundbreaking. Social Media at @Rev_Film_Fest.

@DRockDot @raventbrunner It's certainly not looking great. He has to address this soon. We all forgave James Gunn…

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random black girl🤨ˣ

somewhere talkmbout black ppl or updating my tv thread | she/her

@miabby23 yeah I’m sure he’ll get work elsewhere, & anyway they brought James Gunn back. They’ll prolly just make h…

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Tom Smith

Host of @Cape_Time with @LukeBecker_YN26, Smitty and Selitte with @DamonSelitte, and @Yankees_Center with @LukeBecker_YN26 and @Eddie_Sapienza #NYY #NYG #NYR

RT @MSpector_JM: Well, at the very least James Gunn have apologized for those tweets that he tweeted 10 years ago and has already changed.…

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I will take what is mine with fire and blood. • ela/dela

@deadlydoIl defendeu o james gunn quando ele tava sendo acusado de um monte de coisa (ele já se desculpou e tudo ma…

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Daeny RL Read 🍩🍩🍩🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️

RT @Smelly_Kat12: @CultureCrave @elmundoes LMFAO James Gunn is right. Time to promote their projects by mentioning the MCU These dudes are…

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Animation fan and a strange individual. Currently working on a sci-fi YA book. He/Him, I guess? Blog is at

It'd be one thing to pull a James Gunn and admit that you've made some bad decisions in the past that you regret. I…

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@tiipaygdimis las excepciones no cuestionan la regla, solo la confirman. james gunn es una excepcion al igual que los hermanos russo

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🏳️‍🌈⚡📺🌈| OUTSIDE | 🌳🌖

safe place for LGBTQ+ | 🌖 | Boric 2022 🌳

@mnromerttt James Gunn escribe el guión.

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James Gunn got fired but he bounced back with DC that man will prolly be fine 🤷🏿‍♀️

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Tab thee Stallion

RN 🇭🇹🇧🇸

@SarwarJiwani Hmm I’m not familiar with the China market but I assumed that a majority of their movies were having…

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não me siga se vc me conhece irl

godzilla king of the monsters Depois de o esquadrao suicida eu acho q o james gunn poderia fazer um godzilla ameri…

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a melange of the tears of wasted opportunity and regret with an undercurrent of bitchiness and hints of cinnamon & cloves | #FreePalestine | she/her

Marvel will keep Simu around and just have him work with James Gunn next time. Birds of a feather.

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hiatus era *hopefully*


RT @MISSDROID: I fear that we forgot the James Gunn controversy…all he needs to do is get on Chinas good side somehow, say he was in a dark…

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✨Raku 🏳️‍🌈 Artista Frustrado (Commissions Open)

Anxious DM | He/Him - 21 Buy my adoptables:… NSFW Account: @Desu_Raku_

Vi a treta do Simu Liu, fui ver a data de uma das falas dele: 2012. Por que que essas falas tão saindo? Por que ele…

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I fear that we forgot the James Gunn controversy…all he needs to do is get on Chinas good side somehow, say he was…

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