RT @BrandonButch: Beta 4 of #iOS14 brings some nice new features & better performance! Here's what's new:

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The Assie 🎗

Creative • God is love • Perseverance conquers all • Sanguine-Phlegmatic • Taurus 6.0ft

New Widget: Apple TV Ios14 beta 4

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Manuel Cuervo

Apple  | Marvel MCU 🅰️ | Harry Potter ⚡️ | Cine 🎬

Ya se ven y se ven padrísimos. #iOS14 beta 4.

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Music. Gaming. Occasional queer stuff.

In #iOS14 you can watch YouTube in 4K resolution 😮😮😮 (if your device supports it)

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iTouchAppReviewers ➐

🇺🇸 Founder of the iTouchAppReviewers YouTube Channel. Security Enthusiast

New video is LIVE! iOS 14 Beta 4 is out. Should you update? #iPhone #iOS #iOS14 #iOSBeta

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Jason Karns

PGP: #getoffmylawn

@knz_whalen beware: at present the dark sky widget is no longer a first-class widget in iOS14. the old widgets tha…

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Albert C.

Change the current / Gehe nicht hinter mir, vielleicht führe ich nicht. Geh nicht vor mir, vielleicht folge ich nicht. Geh einfach neben mir und sei mein Freund

RT @henningtillmann: Für alle iPhone-Poweruser: die iOS14-Beta hat nun auch das Exposure-Notification-Framework, das für die #CoronaWarnApp…

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たまプラ育ち♡犬とHawaiiと麻雀ラバ〜iPhone11💚無印iPad ⌚️Apple Watch Series 4を愛用してます。Androidも好き。ご飯つぶやきなど。

iOS14の時計ウィジェットが、過去最高の1時間遅れを記録しました💦他の国に設定しちゃったかと思った。 誤差なし!できません。

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😍#TheBeatles、10ダー _👑、Oasis _鬼滅の刃・ごと嫁も好き 誰推しとか決めれないから箱! 無言フォロー失礼します🙇‍♂️ RT多め 18↓ #ポール頂上決戦2019 #リンゴ頂上決戦2019 Ringo 2019 Nagoya リンクも見てください↓

iOS14のベータ4 出た!

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Kevin Mitchell (Rebooting...)

Husband, Father & lover of tech. 0011101000101001

Me: #iOS14 beta is really stable! Also me: Why is my phone and apps behaving weird.

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Era hora que nos devuelvan el 3D Touch 🙌🏻 #ios14 #beta4

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どうも!からくりです! 🦊 ゲームとかアニメとか好きだよ〜🦊良かったらゲーム垢の@gaming_karakuriの方のフォローよろしくぅ!🦊フォローしてくれたらフォロバするよ〜🦊欲リス

iOS14 beta4来た。

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𝙲𝚘𝚕𝚒𝚗 𝚂𝚊𝚕𝚎𝚜 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿☀️🚴🏽‍♂️🍩

Cyclist with @JWCC1926 | DJ | Runner | Team Leader | Cat Lover | Foodie (doughnut addict)

@tonystubblebine hi, please tell me for #iOS14 there’s gonna be a little @coachdotme widget I can put on the home s…

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i  Mado

apple  ios system developers from Apple IT engneering windows server Hotels my blood type ios .. practice football 🏈 & Weight lifting 💪🏋️

RT @AR72014: #iOS14beta4 #iOS14 beta 4

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