Ninian 🇮🇪🇪🇺🇮🇹

Retired.occasional artist. European/World affairs, especially Irish, Italian, UK, USA. Intolerant of idiots and bigots. European Anti Trump

@Architectolder For a continent to acquire architectural culture to a degree where it becomes innate requires many…

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23歳 腐 she/her | ‼️ probficnsfw: fic(in)cest, age-gaps, shota, etc. | jkaisen | NO AGE IN BIO + MINORS OR FANPOL = 🚫 | 五悠•甚恵 | 🔝satoru only |

Listen!! Satoru softly kissing the marks under yuji’s eyes... ...and somewhere deep inside yuji, sukuna inside h…

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Astros since'80. Sometimes writer, covering the young men who are chasing their dreams to the big leagues. On @ac_hansen01 bandwagon. Followed by Patriot,Steve

@DrBonillaOnc @PostOpinions @MartyMakary @CDCgov HCQ works with zinc at early onset within 6 days of symp. Also, V…

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Jerome Low

Christian. Cyclist. Observer. Interventor. Generator. IG: antarestwo IG2: in.simplewords

What fantastic clouds! What tall trees! What a green field! If that's all you saw, look again.⁣ ⁣ What is 'it'? 'It…


R L Hughes lyric bot

fanmade lyric bot for R L Hughes' music, run by @negayeh

Unnatural women, she can not bear children Cannot be a wife, for her sin is innate

Cheap Bots, Done Quick!

maria (IA)

내 아름다운 꿈, 엔하이픈 박 성훈💙 she|her

@hoonexits It's my innate talenttsssssaznxjkx

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Zack Faulkner

Renaissance rebel with a cause who enjoys moral, patriotic, and educational philanthropy, high technology, world news, mountain climbing, and good conversations

@imjohanan @jwarnerwallace So true. The good news is people tend to purvey their own attributes to others until th…

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A Very Proud Indian Hindu.

RT @ajaykraina: Another feedback on Remembered Glory... Dear Ajay, I will be 80 years on 26 Jan ( day after tomorrow). You have given me th…

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Kasumi Kaku

@UCLA Bruin. @Microsoft Engineer. Views are personal opinion.

@nytopinion @CharlesMBlow It’s also equally delusional if you think going far to the left isn’t going to come back…

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A Krishna Bhat

Nationalist.I have retired from Lawyer profession after 47 years of active conversation through email.

@UshaNirmala He may not.That is the reason for some innate fear.

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RT @orangebook_: Reading for ~5 hours a day for 2 years completely rewires your brain. If you did it as a child, you’re already smart & m…

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Himachali Retweets

A tweet bot, that retweets, #himachal, #himachalPradesh. If you don't want me to retweet, please block this account.

RT @Vatsanjeev: This #egalitarian quality is due to d innate #liberalism of d #Pahadi people as opposed to d #identity obsession of those f…


Nero 🔞

NSFW 🔞 \ RT HEAVY \ ENG*/ESP OK \ 21 \ 🇦🇷💚🧡💜🏳️‍🌈⚧️ Cualquier pronombre Insta block a los 🐜 Multifandom Multiships Megumi No miren mis me gusta :(

RT @sukugofushi: I swear I need to have more info on how Megumi's powers work like how did he know how to make the well's unknown abyss. Is…

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Farmer. Love being on the banks of Ganga. Tweeting, a purposeless filler !

This #egalitarian quality is due to d innate #liberalism of d #Pahadi people as opposed to d #identity obsession of…

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Be the glitch you want to see in the matrix

RT @King_Kozi: If your Doctor is pushing #vaccines He/She is clueless as to how the #Magnificent #immuneSystem works They obviously have n…

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