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Tim Marschall Jones

@GrayConnolly Ian Paisley shouted "I denounce you as the antichrist!" The former crown prince of Austria-Hungary, 7…

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@DanRather I am waiting for Liam Neeson to do a biopic of Ian Paisley

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Terrifying Terrier

@disclosetv Ah, the spirit of Ian Paisley!

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Gregg Kite ((Regener8d))

Husband to @libbykite /Dad to 4 || Elder || MDiv student @cbtseminary || Podcast host || 1689 but cool || "okayest reformed baptist to date" - @andrew_michah6_8

@JoelWBerry Ian Paisley vibes.

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Frank O’Cathain

Pro GAA, Irish language. Anti Orange order, Loyalist marches, DUP.

@therotweiler @LeslieH24367191 @Rob_E_Dresser @MailOnline Small beer compared to disgraced MP Ian Paisley.

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Aviation. NHS. Volunteer. Travel. Theatre. Music. Politics. Democratic Socialist. Londoner. British. Irish. European. International. Proud @UKLabour 🏳️‍🌈

@IainDale Theresa May, Phillip May, Carol Thatcher, Mogg, Gordon Brown, Cherie Booth QC, Lord Snowdon, Owen Jones,…

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Enda McHugh

Weekend Libertine.

@LeftistDad Bertie Ahern & Ian Paisley, the Jacinda Arden’s of their time and we never knew it.

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C Noordz

Trading. Travelling. Mainly enjoying life.

@disclosetv Ian Paisley v2

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Vernon Baseley

Rail operations specialist and project manager. Editor of "Outre-Manche" blog. Views are my own and do not necessarily represent those of my employer.

RT @platzmania: New Ian Paisley just dropped

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Mrs M🌱💚💙

Midlands-based empty-nester. Saucy Nutloaf🌱Diverse interests. Crochet dependent. Worried about what humans are doing to our planet & its inhabitants.🌳🦔🌺🐝🐷

Anyone else remember Ian Paisley’s rendition of The Rocker? 😉 #philLynott #NotTheNineOClockNews

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Wet-Bigfoots🎏🐡🐠🐟 Flying-Bigfoot🦜

A hot rich fraud with legs for days. Whatever the opposite of «Blasé» is. 🗣🇺🇸🇫🇷👂🏻🇷🇺🇩🇪🇭🇺🇮🇹🇧🇷

New Ian Paisley just dropped

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Aonghas Curran.

Classic liberal, secular, tolerant, Hibs fan. Remember, its only twitter. The Order of the Dolphin

Strong Ian Paisley senior vibes here.

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Birth of the Orange State

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@aidso67 Nixon was Ian Paisley snr's mentor. Paisley would give him a lift to Stormont every week and loved to hear him speak.

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Conor Fitzgerald

Irish, writer, Gen X/ 📖 🥃 🍃

@bouledenerfs_ Big Ian paisley memories

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Worker’s Spatula 🐟

“Honest, fair, dialectical.”

RT @AnarchoCulchie: @WorkersSpatula1 The Greek Ian Paisley

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