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@lindajarmstron And yet you're retweeting a woman openly attacking men Not incels or anything, just men If a man…

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Billy Carey

Lover of God, my family, and UGA Football! in that order!🙏🏼🧔🏻👩🏼🧒🏽🧒🏽👶🏼🐶

@astrotisk You probably sub consciously already wrote him off before u saw it because of the fandom. He’s a great c…

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sexual ◥•ﻜٕوِبون• ‏ﺧٕٓصٍمٍ•ﻜٕوِدٓ

Will open. hive mind, to think ؟? نمشے 🔹H4🔹 🔹H4🔹 🔹H4🔹

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Suburban Republican🇺🇸🐘

Catholic | Rick Scott stan | Natural Law theorist |Trump/Stefanik 2024

RT @Robin_Vos_Stan: I love that conservatives are independent and make fun of dems for being a “hive mind” but we need to adopt the “vote b…

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Conservative Memes, Pro 2A, Liberal Wackadoodles editor, Let the meme wars begin

@catturd2 They’ve been borged, once the hive mind has been infected they can’t help themselves

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Former NPS park ranger, among other things.

@LauraBedrossian Yes! Oh, and I can see it now. Your phone will be part of a “survey hive mind”… Should your phone…

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miss moa 💫 ✘

born to be thursday's child saw txt 7/7/22

it's very important to me that me and all my friends have our periods cycling at the same time so that we can becom…

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Awake but only just

Can't take the heat so she turns off replies except to her hive mind.

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I like boobs

@Benjjjyy I still use stompees and I still hit my shots in the air, AE isn't the problem it's that people THINK you…

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Anyone actually reading this... seek psychiatric help immediately

@nypost His worst fears are that people that arent of his hive mind have a voice? Well, that exaplins a lot...

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Fjorm (フィヨルム)

I have these new things...does this mean I've grown? || Parody Account & RP account (Mostly Parody) || || Part of @The_Gensokyos ||

@Rouge_Seeker @KaedeTakagaki25 "...we can change that, we may not know Rin's circumstances with the Hivemind, my on…

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Matt|Dr. Ko.

Former Infantry Marine. Currently Study medicine, and invest. Crypto Og.

@BillyM2k Weak soy boys and tik-tok and hive mind groupthink is evil.

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Devin Swanson 🏳️‍🌈

European Studies Jackson School UW Seattle & Avignon. Studied fascist movements in Europe, incl. JM lePen's FN. later hosted Mme Mitterrand at my hotel.

RT @Leavittnovelist: Hive mind, who knows a New York criminal attorney who I could talk with for a brief plot issue? I want to triple check…

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Gary Chomuk

Crusty curmudgeon. Software engineer looking forward to retirement in the not too distant future. Low tolerance for stupidity and serial retweeters.

@KeeneSusannah Same. At least until it becomes toxic. If simply being here irritates me, I'm gone. I don't mind…

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