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reSISTER-Sister! ARCGNY now Activist Fashn Designr~Fightng to Save ALL Fashn Disasters Wearing A “tRump-DuRESS”& PEARLs of Wisdom&Truth!#WEARaDAMNmaskEVERYWHERE

RT @amazing_physics: Physics and mathematics of motion, velocity vectors, biology, evolution, hive mind, cooperation, strange universe.…

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kiio 🎗lovejoy arc

🏳️‍🌈 i draw sometimes ( banner art: Sad-ist )

@kribsoot a hive mind

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I do not belong to any party. If I am criticizing what you say, it's because I think you're full of nonsense not because I belong "to the other side".

@charlesadler Maybe if our media didn't act like a conservative hive-mind every goddamn election, you might have a…

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Allen Y. Tien MD MHS 田一彦

Life-course development science, psychiatry, epidemiology-biostat, informatics, behavioral health ecosystem, suicide prevention, #WillieKohler art, semantics做人

RT @amazing_physics: Physics and mathematics of motion, velocity vectors, biology, evolution, hive mind, cooperation, strange universe.…

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advocate of the frank “abe tamura” hardy agenda

@delenacastaways makes sense for the hive mind

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*◦: ₓ・゚✧ ・゚.* : ✧ ₓ˚. ˚◦

@funkysnail69 hive mind i just tweeted ab it and didn’t even see yours

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Georgi Watson

Wife, Mom, scientist and bodybuilder. I work in the oilfield all. over. the. world.

RT @walterkirn: I declare the Establishment USA COVID pivot toward seeming semi-quasi-neo-reasonableness to be a thing. An official thing.…

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Mr. Sir

ATTENTION: Canada is at risk. Your freedoms are on the verge of being lost! Speak loudly, clearly and without fear as the enemy is inside the gates.

Sudbury and Timmons did the same. These PHU operate on a hive mind. They follow pressure...not science. F them.all

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It weren't us who changed

"It's ok for me, but not for thee" fuck off.

@shandapatiflipr @BlackEunbi Yeah, I get a lot of CCs telling me to tell you guys to stop or lumping us all togethe…

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Millard Q. Fillmore

1A. 2A Never stop learning. Truth, Justice and the American Way. Pro nouns: Glock/JM Browning/Armalite The number is 42 and the mice are pissed

@loverainynite @Deplorable_Rick Then they can destroy and rewrite the constitution and exterminate all not of hive mind

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I am THE “me” - Quackity Merch /j

she/her - i am an artist - in quacktwt+some mcyttwt - csgc -call me lettuce/grave/graveyard/yard

@PlanetDuckk hive mind

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Fat Ash

RT @paolini: Hey, Alagaësians -- help me with your hive mind. If I were to have an artist paint a bunch of stuff from Alagaësia (world, cha…

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bun ❤🌳

i am cute sometimes 😌 - ella/she - 19 - esp/eng banner by @/starsleeps !!

last one is "contaminating the hive mind" i just ran out of space

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*ೃ.⋆ vic

fatphobic genderfluid lesbian

There’s a hive mind because now everyone is doing it & I had no idea….

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Collier “CJ” Jennings @ ECCC

Wordsmith for @ButWhyThoPC | Co-host of @intospidercast | 🍅 RT Approved Critic | Business inquires: | He/him

RT @Graciecosplay: It happened! Knull has reestablished the hive mind! This is the highlight of 2021 for me! Thank you @Doncates and @RyanS…

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