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Zunaira Inam Khan

Pashtun. Research Analyst. My own opinions.

You're telling me Hannah Montana is 30????

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Peja Stojaković

and I knew exactly what to do, but in a much more real sense I had no idea what to do.

I thought Hannah Montana was the same age as Britney 🤦🏻‍♂️

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Pain #TWD

Hello I am Pain/Panini BE WHO YOU ARE FOR YOUR PRIDE he/him or she/her idc 18+ I am into horror, MCU, DC, dinosaurs and more @Panini69710213 is my private AAA

@C4LL0FBR1N3 @ramsescult we need to contact Hag and Hannah Montana and make them to have a collab, this is how we c…

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ルーちゃん 🎮🕹📼📺

English/Español/日本語|♡ Anime, Manga, video games, Jpop, Seiyuus, cosplay, Japanese Culture ♡ | Discord: Lucía Navarro#2830

@RulerNakano Totally Spies Recess (La Banda del Patio) Arthur Las 3 Mellizas ICarly Embrujadas Hannah Montana Doraemon Witch

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writer. ig: tiffanydskinner | 22 | dream until your dreams come true 🕊 thank you Jesus

@Joe62480751 I just grew up watching her on Hannah Montana and can’t believe how she’s already in her thirties, that’s all lol

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the cutest gangsta you kno! 🌪

fmoig: therealgangstabitch 💫

ill never trust again😭 you niggas give HANNAH MONTANA living double lives n shit 😭💯 shit slow. TURTLE.

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☁️⁷ -👩‍🚀🚀

♍/INFJ - ☯ Just a melomaniac? who randomly talks about songs and artists she like & lurk on stan twitter !!

RT @bizzleavenues: Daechwita suga x idol yoongi, ended hannah montana

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Alfonso Rodriguez

@elle_es @MileyCyrus Que fuerte Hannah Montana cumple 30... Deu meu.

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acid bath princess of the darkness

Listening to Hannah Montana at 9am

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My life is complicated enough. The last thing I need is more drama. –Hannah Montana


may there be peace in the middle east and everywhere else in between.

Hannah Montana is 30??? kahleni bo

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maría pilar (taylor's version)

soy hufflepuff, estudiante de medicina y súper fan de David Civera

@EvaSoriano90 @carlospeguer lily y oliver de hannah montana

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🇨🇦 metis

@popiridescence jackson on hannah montana was like 40 when he played him lmaoooo , that would be a feat. but 30 ?! get outta town 😂

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ayir🅰️ 🩺 🏹🇧🇷

lesbo-indígena e 92% Enfermeira (10ºp) falando de lesbianidade e mulheridade, indígenas, saúde, Vasco da Gama y otras cosas más. Moēitchîma pá tchorü Tupanã ✨

@marinaverso Hannah Montana e Miley Cyrus foi ótimo kkkkk

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The Emily Willis Fiasco

I'm a well-wisher in that I don't wish you any specific harm.

RT @GBBranstetter: "Should Hannah Montana unite with Miley Cyrus?"

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