Patih dwarawati

ya udah kalo diare ga usah banyak bacot

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spider- whatever TF #BisexualAndProud

they/them #ThankYouMiura british (yea so what I wanna be bullied) 15 bi I hate vegeta and the jolyne png dont @ me

@Struggler2Dark Much like GOTG VOL2 Bardock was goku's father but not his dad Gohan was his dad

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Mischievous Watcher ۞ WHAT IF ERA

"Why does this keep happening? Aren't we allowed to be happy?" #StephenStrange Sylki 💚🗡️ BuckyNat 🕸️❄️ SasuSaku 🌸🍅 Marvel ❤️ Star Wars ⚔️ Harry Potter 💙

@lovedaggerr @sylkidagger Thor will die. If he doesn't die in "Love and Thunder", he will die in "GoTG Vol. 3". Sadly.

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Unfunny, Chronically Online Leftist™ and long suffering Mets fan. I tweet garbage takes on hip hop, film/TV & gaming. Eric Adams is a fascist.

@IGN Halo, Back 4 Blood, Metroid, and Forza, in that order. GOTG is a wild card

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GOTG#18の登場人物にいないな…Death of doctor strangeにもいなさそうだし……

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RT @sakase_0915: 勘違いしている人が多いです。ダイエットの正しい知識を知っておきましょう。

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Making toys and illustrations which are a little bit cute and a little bit creepy. If you'd like to make toys too, hit me up!

@GunnComics @westonfront NO. We need an adaptation of "AWI80D" set in space, by Taika Waititi. Like Thor Ragnarok/GOTG/Red Dwarf.


Kevin W. Grossman

Talent Board #TheCandEs President | Elevating & Promoting A Quality Candidate Experience Globally | @SJSU Alum | Writer | Podcaster | Grateful Father

GOTG: In Balanced Measure #kids #soccer #school #COVID19 #health #safety #BhivePower

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you gotta be italian because there's no way

Scorsese actually loves GOTG 2, it’s the exception

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Arvid - Travel to the Magic

News, tips and experiences for Disneyland, Disney World, Tokyo Disney, Disneyland Paris, Hong Kong Disneyland and Shanghai Disneyland Tweets by @Arvid

No park day today, but had a run around the resort area and our hotel is behind GotG. Didn't hear people on that ri…

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Jet Set Willy 💙

Ridiculously happily married dickhead who likes stuff and things and people.

Yateley, I am in you!! #GOTG

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Pop culture artist from the MileHigh! Specializing in water color an ink! @Agrovatedartist on Insta, Gmail! Co-host of @outsidelongbox 🤘

@ComicBook I don’t want it unless it’s Ben’s movie. His original vision. He’s a multi award winning actor and direc…

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ted lasso is my personal coach | she/her

@korycomics trilha de gotg boa demais escuto sempre

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Lady Azari 愛 Multiverse Fandom

MARVEL/DC MULTIFANDOM | 🏳️‍⚧️Trans Woman🏳️‍⚧️ | 🚧 Under Construction 🚧

RT @SPDERM4N: gotg is 7 years old

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