Mother Nature Is BIO-LOGICAL

RT @CorryHinckley: @behindyourback @NYDailyNews @PennGSE i love how these dudes always take a legit premise ppl have been working on for ye…

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Pete Buttigieg goes viral smacking down Fox host’s “gotcha” question ON AIR via @YouTube

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chromosome \\ オーバーホールは私の宗教です

name/名前: Chromo ! 私は日本語が苦手です、ごめんなさい。 でも頑張ります! I do art, that’s it. 私は芸術を作る、それだけです。 もっと何もない (cats)

RT @Pokemon_cojp: BUMP OF CHICKENとポケモンのスペシャルミュージックビデオ「GOTCHA!」が公開! これまでも、これからも、ポケモンとともに冒険を続けるキミに贈る、特別な1本をお見逃しなく! #G…

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just another bozo at the polls

Pro 1A,2A and ALL the A’s! it’s not patriotic to cherry-pick the constitution.

@TheBronxSpectre @JeffreyGuterman @realDonaldTrump @EliseStefanik Yes... Sasha Baron Cohen as borat set him up... Gotcha!

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Dave Smith - Every vote counted & honored🌊🌊

#Resistance.#Biden2020 #BLM #Vote. Husband, father, grandfather, Vietnam Vet. I follow people who have something to offer, hope you will follow back.

@landis_lain gotcha, I've seen videos of women saying much the same. I think many old men are that way too, they wo…

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Don't care, didn't ask

Normalize having pronouns in your bio even if you aren't Trans or non-binary!! She/Her

RT @myblackfairy: all the stans using this is a “gotcha” or “now, be grateful” moment is absolutely gross😕...

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Borg Matrix 🆘🌊🌊

USAF veteran #Resister. Time to take out Trump trash

@LindaPatch @MoMoDdotcom @999zzzccc @MdrnWrld @GrandpaSnarky @JellB9 @Heartland4Peace @ForristallJay @ernestdksmith…

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алиnnи чоn!!:((

стримьте мун сокджина


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Trick Arsenal

My Chemical Romance #WaywardAF #ExVangelical #ForeverWarped #Arianator

@hotchipamdcry Makes sense. Need that middle ground of safe but not insanely expensive. And gotcha, what happened w…

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Ned the Kooiker 😪🌈BLU

I am a dog. I love food, Mum, food, Dad, food, Twitterpals, food.. I am a proud member of #DogsofTwitter #theruffriderz #TheAviators Captain and #ZSHQ Private

@mayhew_tanya @parsleysmum Sweet dreams Miss Izzy, hope you have had a lovely Gotcha Day! 👋💤

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I'm the king of wishful thinking

@always_yur1 @jtLOL Gotcha. I read these reports as well. They're speculating as well, without actually seeing the…

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A genuine person and American citizen. My views are my own. No lists, please. Retweets *do not* equal endorsement. Thanks for being here.

RT @cliffschecter: @seanhannity The guy who couldn't confirm scores of young men were being sexually molested right in front of him at OSU…

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🎶👏13 days 👏 🎶 the Fly on his head...purrrfect

Anti-Fascist Lieutenant. Former Independent. Wear your fcuking mask!!🕺#handmarkedpaperballots. Veteran. Web developer

@Hoshimotao @atrupar The gotcha is that he got punked by someone who has punked others in DC. He fell for it. He ha…

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We Get By #BLM

he/him JoJo, Lorde, SZA, ZAYN, Chloe x Halle, Tinashe, Shakira, Mariah, Kelly, Beyoncé, H.E.R., Miley, Kiana Ledé, Kehlani, Ariana, P!nk, Jhené, Mahalia, Frank

@bearD1710 @lulafnts @iamjojo The video was clearly meant to bring awareness to ppl who already own phones/tablets/…

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