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Degod #5011 Bored - InfoTech - NFTs - Crypto

@solana Whats going on I need to degen right now.

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Maria Norton

RT @CheriBeasleyNC: My name is Cheri Beasley. I’m a former public defender, and the first Black woman to serve as Chief Justice of the No…

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Bimbo, throat fuck, anal, porncock, girlcock, non-nude, eye contact, sex doll, porn mommy, fitgirl, egirl lover. That's normal right?

RT @007_natalee: How is your autumn going? ☺️🍂…

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Jaz Rignall

Playing video games since 1976. Writing about them since 1983.

@RetroGamer_Daz @GarryCasey Yeah, of course. It was pants. But since we were not clairvoyants, going with a preview…

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Poet,spoken word artist,writer,podcaster, podcast enthusiast,philosopher,casual/retro gamer,Wrestling,MMA fan,music,tv,movie,art fan.

@KIStrongStyle As a person who is going to the royal quest shows I am disappointed in the amount of Rev pro talent…

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AllisonJoyful @ Artifex

NFT poette (she/her) 🌙 collab x @postwook 💎 @artifex_project lead▪️Tantric yogi 🔻

RT @GeEkMyTh_ETH: Thanks @highheckabecka and @special_k_nft For the opportunity for me to share what’s going on in my projects and collab…

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RT @MichaelBensonn: Floyd Mayweather confirms he absolutely will not be fighting Manny Pacquiao in an exhibition rematch: "I retired from t…

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tuhreezy⁷ 🦦

@TheErisCo | 💙💗💛 | $TerizaWest | any non-masc pronouns

i am physically shaking....where is he going

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Big Kai

📍 New York • Photographer • Visual Storyteller

@sny_knicks @IanBegley Not with Thibs.. He doesn’t care about minutes.. Doesn’t care who’s on the floor young or o…

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Janaé Haywood

8-21-13 🙏🏼💔 follow my business page on Instagram : @lynnsskynnparlor

Ik my business is going to succeed bc I’ve been putting in so much work and time into it. I’ve been investing & lo…

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PGMC #FBPE #RejoinEU 🇪🇺🇮🇪🇪🇦

Live in Spain, 50 something, Pro EU, Anti-Tory #PatelOut #JohnsonOut proudly blocked by @CatharineHoey, @DanielJHannan GB News - @Nanaakua1, @andrewdoyle_com

RT @Haggis_UK: #KayBurley - Are you going to reinstate the £20 universal credit uplift? Chloe Smith(SoS work & pensions) - No KB - But y…

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The ULTRA Craftsman ✝️🇺🇸☢️

Est.2018 Specializing in artfully crafted leathergoods.(Artist🎨Musician🥁Worship drummer✝Woodworker🔨Designer🇺🇸Patriotic Italian American)

@HeavenScent88 @Nikki_McCann Then they tell you not to charge the EVs because the grid can’t handle the load 😂 In…

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RT @IAmSteveHarvey: KEEP GOING 💪🏾

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i don’t like this chrissy wake up

RT @Senn_Spud: People In their 20s dont want to work. well thats because Im supposed to be fighting a war right now. My biological clock is…

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Vinicio Reina Luther @vinicio_reina_luther/Instag

SINGLE. I Am An Artwork Artist. Loving Photography. Art. Science. Fact:^Small To Medium Boobs Are The Sexiest ^

RT @GinaSinclair6: For some time now I wanted to experience intimacy with a woman. Finally I’ve made a booking to see a lady this week. Thi…

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