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William D'Aquila

Noted Juventino, Globalist, and Parka Monkey

@EllenBarkin @nytimes What’s the plan for people like her once her dad is out office? It’s not like she can walk th…

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OFCORPSE WE SIMP!| CORPSIE🐱🌹 "We look up in the same sky"💜 IG: harawuya

RT @spooky_ali_: to everyone on my timeline i just want to say remember to take breaks from twitter especially with what’s going on rn, go…

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Das Hinton

Veteran. Husband. Realist. Nerd. Continuing Fred Rogers' legacy of love and kindness. Also continuing John Lewis' legacy of getting into 'good trouble'.

Trying to enjoy some semblance of Halloween w a Trunk or Treat event. Son is Link and we see a 'cuckoo' in a cage.…

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hoping for the best , prepared for the worst.

I want to go out and eat but the only person I usually go w is my cousin 💀 she’s at work 😩

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Filmmaker. Writer. English nationalist. Futurist. Neo-Christian. Founder and Editor of @hierophantmag.

@Based_Brunette She should eat them anyway. The damage is already done; better not let the animal’s life go to waste.

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catboy dream fan account

i’m literally so sad rn i have been waiting for so long and they’re all dressed up as i have to miss it to go eat a…

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98.999% of my tweets are a lie.

should i go to fridas and eat some chilaquiles? one RT and i’ll do it.

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Lincoln University Alumna 🎓✨1908 💕💚

Where are some good places to go eat in Como?

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Hello stalker✌🏽, I’m doing fine, thanks for checking up on me

RT @Armand_49_: Guys make sure you eat heavy meals before leaving the house. My best friend vomited pure beans in front of a crowd. I was v…

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@ImDopeDee_ Since when?! But I mean you can eat it but the company go against everything you believe in. They donate to Trump too

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; help rt 📌

multi-fan account // she•her // 🇵🇭

RT @Cottonmochi3: So we went. MG: I ask Minghao, what are you doing let's go eat together, but Minghao said he already ate with my dad. You…

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On a solo trip

RT @climberjai: Dont people who eat healthy and go to the gym realise that lifes really really short snd deep fried Mars bars are magnifice…

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If you're here because I pissed you off, welcome to the sex dungeon.

@BeeMixsy @harman_geoff @originalemmz @Essentialworker @BoratSagdiyev I remember when we used to eat meat raw. Our…

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Belief in a better tomorrow and the hope that one day I'll live in an Independent Scotland which can determine it's own future. Name calling/abuse = blocked.

@JohnnyMercerUK Not sure how people who vote to let children go hungry sleep at night. If you want to know what a…

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Putitinreverse Keri

Just your typical amazon prime type mom 🤷🏻‍♀️

My kids are playing house and I hear Noah walk away “okay I’m going to go find us some food, don’t eat the baby while I’m gone” lol wtf

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