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she/her || ANIME ♡|| multifandom🌸🐝🐸 《if u priv rt please tell me if /pos or /neg》

@youtooz Ahh Hedgehog I love hedgehogs gimme please

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Type Slick

Lifelong Carpenter• Deadhead• Single father of three amazing boys•Widowed• Army Brat 82’-91’• #Resist • #BLM• Team Pfizer. Etsy Store TypeSlickWoodcrafts

Give me your favorite love songs. From any era, from any style. Country, Rap, Pop, Classical, Alternative, Emo, Jaz…

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☄Блохэй не твоего романа☄

The ocean cures all. © Marvel || Star Wars || KNY || Dorohedoro || Naruto || JJBA || Avatar

@sugarbarnesss BRKN LOVE - River Tom Odell - Can't Pretend Sting - Mad About You The Glitch Mob - Between Two Poin…

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@privhasan I love James gimme my £1

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hey ig

RT @mamituyaa: I love a “gimme kiss” ass dude😩 boy I’m finna give you head too hold on 😭😭

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he/they/ze | pls use tone indicators | poggies |🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈

@NBAHArchive @NotAntfrost @ranaltboo i love mcyt but $1,000,000? sheeesh gimme the money

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Uchiha Ao

For those who must endure, perhaps that’s what it means to be shinobi...

Gimme ya love…gimme ya love…gimme ya love….

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Tweeting random Marina lyrics every 30 minutes. DM me your suggestions. 📩

Gimme love, gimme dreams, gimme a good self esteem Gimme good and pure, what you waiting for?


CLE| ENTREPRENEUR I OWN: @thoroughshades luxury shades

I just be telling her love me just gimme some time, fit me in yo schedule!!

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As anyone can clearly see from my(Totally and Completely Accurate) profile pic, I am a variable bush viper. I enjoy The Fandoms. Nice to meet you u_u | they

RT @Hello_Tailor: i love danielle's frumpy outfits tho. this show is singlehandedly battling the scourge of false 1980s fashion nostalgia.…

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RT @MiloFizzGeordie: Today I’m feeling very 1980s disco 😹 Hands up, baby, hands up Gimme your heart, gimme, gimme your heart Give it, give…

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I’m here for the jokes

Gimme love nwantiti

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Gavia Baker-Whitelaw

Host & creator of Behind the Seams. Staff writer, Daily Dot. Co-host of @OverinvestedPod. Fandom newsletter: she/her

i love danielle's frumpy outfits tho. this show is singlehandedly battling the scourge of false 1980s fashion nosta…

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Eliza 🔞

She/Her, 22, Anime account, mostly BNHA. 18+ only, age in bio or blocked. Multishipper. Fanfic lover and occasional writer. Potentially problematic content.

RT @ToDADDYroki: idk what it is but I love the idea of Cherry, Joe, Adam and Tadashi just this toxic little polycule. Fucking around hurtin…

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This an African digital music online shop where you can stream & purchase African music(all genres) but mostly unknown great talents of Africa, yet to be known.

Mwiza Sambo -Gimme Love Streamin Master 16Bit 09062021 now playing