Brown Irishman. (Not the first of my kind, not the last). (TPM don't have your money)

@arseblog @gunnerblog Are we just hitting a wall and we need a good 4-0 win to get us back into he groove? Or do yo…

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Usagi_LÉA✱⁵ #4nov2020

Just Kelinci percobaan!!

RT @jinnyw1sh: jinny’s teaser has 700K views already in just 17 hours wow!!!!!! we are doing amazing! ❤️ let’s get it to 1M 💯🎉…

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Pelumi 🇳🇬🇱🇷

God over everything 💞💞..... Graphics designer//Mechanical Engineer(Undergraduate)//Funaabite//Forex trader//Male// backup acct:@pearly_arts

RT @Harunzaynerb: Sending a lot of prayers, love and warm wishes on ur way🤧to bring ur health back 💔💔get well soon sweetheart 😰😰....say a p…

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Cereal Addict

Creative Mind ♥ Self dependent ♥ nd I love my brother☺ artist.follow me on instagram@ty_makeover

RT @Biisi96: Lmfao. The secret camera fashola “found” at the lekki toll gate massacre site. Was sitting on a pavement like that. Didn…

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I don't accommodate nonsense.. am a very straight forward person.

RT @AishaYesufu: As long as they don't get tired of giving us bad governance, we can never tire of demanding for good governance, accountab…

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•Generals •Hydra 🐙 •Dance dance da-dance 💃 •Future RMT, MD 💯 •~L 💕

The first step is always the hardest. But once you take the first step, things will get easier from then on.

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🍒 of 愛 YUTA DAY

#YUTA : nctzens shut the fuck up challenge 😍 #YUTA #JAEHYUN || 02 || she/her

yuw1nists and yum@rkists get OUT of yuta's live !!!!

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Get More Donations!

The #1 & only fundraiser advertising agency that you need to get more donations & exposure for your fundraising campaign. We get you the results that you need!

@Gissell51565428 Have your fundraising campaign Tweeted to over 4,895,000+ million followers & get the donations an…

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RT @Winbun4: Win's schedule is packed these days he gonna be busy and we will get more contents of him 😍 but i hope he takes proper rest…

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Coached 100+ Leaders in Management Positions Over A Decade 💡 I tweet about decision-making in games, business, & life 📩 DMs open

RT @lon_peralta: How to get better at doing stuff: STOP reading "how-to do X" and start doing X Simple



Reading, Shopping

@SenSchumer Yes we want that's why we are going to get a better America that's why we are voting for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

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toothless ⁷

something on my mind, always in my headspace | fan account | "i love you more than love" 🥺

RT @TXTBigHitWW: As we are getting closer to 6PM KST, make sure to enjoy this comeback to the fullest. If the MV views will freeze, do not…

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Beautiful Black Child😍

Taurus,Entrepreneur,lover of Art,poetry,and all genre of music,fashionista & I don’t agree with everytin i retweet,#PERFECTLY FLAWED!!!!!BLM🖤🖤🖤🖤✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾

RT @EditiEffiong: Good morning to all good Nigerians who want to #EndSARS. The rest of you can get your good morning from Detective Fashola.

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Bad HaiCCU Bot

Because of gun violence Ryan Twyman will never get to spend time with his children again after being shot 37 times by police

Cheap Bots, Done Quick!


Bored housewife

@darrengrimes_ We are clearly living in a communist state. The Government responsible for every aspect of our lives…

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