Melissa 🐷💕

let’s try this Twitter thing one more time

I know if I ever want to get extra compliments to post a selfie on Facebook and all my tias will comment and hype me up 😂

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Amazon FBA - Flipping - Affiliate Marketing / Follow me if you want to learn about creating new income streams 👇🏻

@lawrencekingyo Life is too short to get caught up in empty drama, let it go.

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RT @francis_abban: If you have symptoms you suspect to be COVID go to a public hospital. Get checked. Ask to be tested. It’s free. You’d pa…

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BTS • Klance • Professional Procrastinator • ||-// • #131𝖛𝖎𝖇𝖊 • #dttwt account: @TUBBOOP

RT @PurrGnf: .@dreamwastaken please get this man on the dsmp ASAP. look at this talent

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@cienice_ I just need roman to let them boys get more opportunities. I refuse to believe one of the beat wr’s in college cant be a star.

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Robert Kennedy

Living by facts & truths

@kimKBaltimore @Maestro_Georgeh I rather help you get a brain and some actual facts...

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I'm a microbiologist🔬 and a makeup artist💄 Please follow my makeup page on I.g-

RT @LewisWilkinson5: I’m HIV+. I take 3 pills at the same time, once a day. Then I get along with my day. Just like everybody else. I’l…

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omg am i the only person who wants to get harrys cross tattoo on their and really bad

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Matthew Hartley

@Strandjunker @Sue_Voted_4_Joe Democrats have morals and standards. That’s why we get run over by amoral Republicans.

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adv symps

i flick my mouse @teamadvrsty @projectaltaz

@rightyywyd Get tiktok famous

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Ally ♡

I hope you trip over the boundaries that you stepped right over ~ Olivia Rodrigo

@wylietingz I genuinely don’t get what ur saying cause I’ve been seeing people say they want them in a movie together for months

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★ Bleach ★

i have no idea what im doing here honestly || old acc was @/bleachous || they/them lol || like + rt heavy

RT @kaworusmusic: // abuse hey this is semi urgent. im tweeting this from my siblings phone that i found in my dads drawer. they are in a…

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wife, mother, crafter, quiz addict. A bit Dutch, and a bit English!

RT @DefJeff: You know what we need right now? Emu pulling Rod Hull into a freezer. No comedy, of any form, has ever, or will ever, top the…

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#FreeDaGuys | LongLiveTheGang | 🇸🇻

Can mfs get out they fuckin feelings??? I wanna see funny shit not sad tweets

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