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ivy, 22, she/her • ⚔️ braime/asoiaf/booktwt 📖 • if persephone can be the goddess of spring & queen of the underworld at the same time so can i

RT @judeduarte_: @darklinabott i find it SO funny that mal stans are pressed over this. yeah, the darkling said it, but mal actually did it…

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𝚜𝚎𝚗𝚍 $ 🤍

RT @song__fairy: People so fking disgusting worse enough that my house could get damage from the eruption but ppl want to break in it too?…

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The Altagracia💫

The Courage To Continue - Winston Churchill. Corporate Lawyer. Passions:- Law, the Economy, Travel, Manchester United, Music, Art, Poetry and Erica Nlewedim❤

RT @beautjay: ELITES WORLDWIDE hope y'all are ready to be buying out cinemas every 3 market days bcos from what I'm seeing & what God is do…

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Elaine Anderson

Would prefer not to have to think about politics every minute of every day. Deep blue liberal in a blood red state. 💕🐾 🌊Army vet. Thank god for cats..NO DM’s

RT @NuggleBunny30: @nasrene41 @AnimalMemorial @DLM_NewYork @NYCACC Yes u said it 1000% right that’s y I’m so happy 1yr later my boys are th…

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No you don't understand how much i love iKON.

RT @adorejinan: “Y*G uploaded a dance video for some reason earlier. These guys seems to be working early in Saturday? They’re mad too beca…

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Zach Dell

@charlje_d @harryhurst Would need binding agreement to commit capital as “needed”. Could also run into problems aro…

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RT @Bulls_Peck: GD DAMMIT. I'm so angry right now. Should've won that game. Zach & Vooch got no help from teammates, or Billy's rotation a…

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@fuckingcitygirl @onikasmajestyyy You don't have to carry the shit ahead... And also remove Nicki's photo from ur p…

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blacks only

IG: ho3micide 🖤 Poet, Author & Model purchase both of my books in link below! founder of Southside Cleanup inquiries:

Y’all want me to turn the other cheek from a man disrespecting me 😭😭?? Wow

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abs ☀︎︎☽

aleksander morozova, alina starkov: soulmates ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ ao3: starlesswraith

RT @judeduarte_: i find it SO funny that mal stans are pressed over this. yeah, the darkling said it, but mal actually did it. he wanted he…

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be fucking nice

RT @alyssaaforet: i am so beyond glad i’ve isolated myself from e v e r y person i used to be even remotely cool with. this is me putting i…

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creator of all things that exist within me

Y’all only think Queen Latifah claim to film is Set It Off and that’s sad... She has nominations from literally e…

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Sometimes a bad bitch, sometimes a sad bitch .. #GSUAlumna .. ♊️ #RIPShawnSmith #RIPOx 🇵🇦 IG: _pulluppanda

RT @LondonAffair: These the niggas y’all giving a “legacy” to??? Losing teeth, losing hair, PPD, ripping from coochie to anus for???? no…

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Hnin Yati

A Burmese student, Kpoper who stands up for the truth — 2021 Myanmar's Spring Revolution #WhatsHappeningInMyanmar 🇲🇲 | Donate to @CrphMyanmar 🖇️

RT @various__k: "Please Help Urgently To US" illustration from Night Strike at #Monywa. #Apr10Coup #WhatsHappeningInMyanmar…

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not your speed

@prettygangslr She has to come up with something to distract y’all from her monotone ass voice

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