Can you be washed if you've never copped in the first place?

@kicksonfire Straight fire

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The Oficial Twitter Fans Page for Actor #DhruvViram ❤️ upcoming Movie : #Chiyaan60.

RT @VikramTrendz: This Is Massive And Unstoppable Celebration. Going On Fire Mode #ChiyaanVikram #16YrsOfIconicBBAnniyan

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keep moving forward, no matter what.

RT @Pastor__West: Dear Lord, Today, I pray to walk into this day with peace, confidence, & comprehension of who I am. reignite my fire, gi…

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socialist superfund nerd ☭ (he/him)

RT @hate5six: RIP Consuewella Africa. We will get justice for you & your daughters Tree & Netta, who the City of Philadelphia murdered on M…

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Développeur .Net au miles side-project. Papa d'@OrionSilv. Sysadmin de mon homelab en carton. J'ai deux neurones qui se battent en duel

RT @istrandar: A god of ash and fire


Outdoor Learning ME

Passionate & highly qualified for all kinds of learning outside. 1000s of curriculum linked plans; certified training; & outdoor services via our website.

Now is a great time to take advantage of all the ‘Jack in the hedge.’ Tastes great grinded, mixed with butter, smea…

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upgraded NoGoodChuck

*Minors DNI* he/him Chuck. lost my people. HELP lol MLM, kinkster. DMs always open. just ask kink account @SexualSocialist

RT @ginfueledbrat: That Tik Tok trend where white women cry then instantly stop crying to show off how great they are at fake tears, kill i…

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Master in my trade, say no to political cults, say yes to tolerance & understanding. Live your life, not others. Golf is the addiction, beer is the hobby.

RT @erinotoole: Vancouver- South: it's up to you. The Minister Sajjan won't do what's right and step down. Trudeau won't fire him. If you…

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Sabrina 🇯🇲

I’m just here to have fun

@BwoyaTingz Astrology person here, Mercury is indeed in retrograde and is squaring the moon. So it’s basically sayi…

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dy ⚔️ (busy uni)

myg & taekook enthusiast. this acc is not safe for multis & minor. cosplay as bts got blocked, maybe for you it was fun but not for me.

As i said before, 8K for the new goals 😃🔥 we’re on fire

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⎊ | stuck between being good and having chaotic fun

For me it’s either “my heart burns with the fire of you passion” or acidity Nothing in between!

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38-year-old millennial

I have no idea what's going on but I want to be in charge here

@TheKenChilds @capefearcadaver I wrecked my mom's 1992 Explorer when I was 16 by driving over a curb and into a fir…

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RT @AyyMG: I’ll give $300 to one random person in 24 hours who retweets this and is following @betfury_gaming + @BetFury_Sport & myself.…

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Bev Brooks

Truth seeker, artistic, love music, dog/animal lover..🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸, Get Smart!🗽. cash app. $BevG2020

RT @richard_mcenroe: DEVASTATING! Rep. Mo Brooks UNLOADS on Media Hack Defending Chinese Communists During Presser on Fire Fauci Act (VIDEO…

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New account old got suspended

RT @AyyMG: I’ll give $300 to one random person in 24 hours who retweets this and is following @betfury_gaming + @BetFury_Sport & myself.…

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