✨💖🌟Elise Harridan, Radical Love Witch🌟💖✨

♿✨🏳️‍⚧️✨she/her✨Polyam queer sapphic✨ADHD✨Twitch Streamer✨MOVIES✨LEGO✨Physical Media✨Wrestling✨TTRPG✨#GiganGang✨18+ NO MINORS✨pfp: @anjylepanjy✨

@Er0ca1992 Fingers crossed!!!

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RT @nogizaka46: このあと23:10~ NHK「シブヤノオト」に乃木坂46が出演します✨ 「ごめんねFingers crossed」を披露させていただきます🤞🏻🎵 ぜひご覧ください🎶 番組公式HP: #シブヤノ…

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Nature,Aviation,Weather,The Ocean,Photography NO DMs

@AZweatherchick I know it must hurt, so sorry, I wish I had a fur baby, but where I live they won't allow it, so s…

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Andrew Simmons

Producer/Songwriter // That one guy that makes pretty cool beats

RT @shama4realz: my biracial son took a bite out of a strawberry and said, “Spicy.” fingers crossed that he’ll clap on beat when the time…

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•._.🍷 Princess_Kitty_kat

Princess Hermès , dog mom 2Mia, mom 2a human- VIP- lister- #DEFUNDFOX -PITTSBURGH-HATE DJT-need a publisher- fuck bullies- #resister

RT @Sexy_kittykat13: Turned 50- I maybe released from the hospital today- keep your fingers crossed and I’ll give ya a boost!

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Jason Williams

I'm pretty cool for a black guy.... IG jwilla33

@JBjopa Fingers crossed ahah

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James 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

Born LDN. Live BNE. The Arsenal. Brisbane Roar. Brisbane Broncos.

Woke up and checked the scores from the overnight Euros games, saw Denmark lost and had a chuckle but then saw what…

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Editor, animator, motion graphics-er. Radical moderate, fan of space, politics and film & tv

I know it’s cheesy, but I really like the Happy Death Day franchise. The writing is great, stellar performances fro…

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rachel atwood

a heaping pile of boiled goat innards in every pot and a semi-domestic temperamental reindeer in back of every yurt!

@maysoonzayid fingers crossed, it's a one-way trip

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26 She/Her - 9" Mouse Lady - UK - 18+ I just post random thoughts on Macro/Micro with a heavier lean on Micro content. May also shrink people from time to time

@GiantessAria Fingers crossed for you sweetie 🤞

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cardiac arrest survivor ! let’s live❤️

@justgigi2021 @VaxHuntersCan Thanks for all your help. Fingers crossed

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💕Nadia 💕

#Reading #Writing #Grammar #Music #TheArts #Education #Tennis #Corrie #Comping #Francophile 💙❤️ #Ducks 🦆🦆

@horseandhoof Amazing drawing … Good luck @NickiLightfoot Entered for you and fingers crossed. @STORMTIGER5

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Abby Sovko

@Millions Fingers Crossed 🙋🏼‍♀️

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B) | my only talent is dying in video games | minecraft youtuber and streamer | exile smp coming soon!

@OneThyFox if my internet is fixed by then (fingers crossed it is) then im down!

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Father of an autistic son..REAL...Bipolar....been gaming since Atari..born and raised in living in Texas...BFisBae

RT @rEALLYbADiTCH: @Sheaux_ @PhillyGuynCC361 @DEFJESTA @XTRDragon80 @theurparanoid Fingers crossed. 😁

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