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@WalesRugby @simonrug I remember watching him play U18s nations, a bit quiet fingers crossed he’s grown into that huge frame.

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@stellara_io FINGERS CROSSED!


Simon Templer

Democracy isn't perfect, but it's the best we've got, so it's worth fighting for. Mark 8:36

RT @GiveUsAQuid: Fingers crossed this story is correct. It is truly shocking that ministers ever contemplated mass vaccination of children…

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Marco Arment

RT @vhgalvao: Apple is really doing it, they’re removing the scripting languages from macOS! PHP is already gone. Maybe it’s Apple’s reven…

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Bruno Mars and BTS Kings💜. Also a big Mariah Carey fan.

@DAEGU_DEMONS Possibly! Fingers crossed. I hope we can get some for week 4 and 5:D

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Mowerofgrass 💙

Just a volunteer that enjoys preparing cricket pitches

@chewytheleftie Fingers crossed. Sunday opponents have cried off so I am I prepped two strips. 🤬

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Kelly Hall

@yuppiechef @Inverroche @Ru5tle fingers crossed!!

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Dark & Homebrewed

They/Them 🏳️‍🌈 bastion of all that is ☕and #DnD (often both). I like my #ttrpg campaign settings like I like my coffee, dark & homebrewed. Call me Fibbs.

RT @fibericon: @Dark_Homebrewed Another page is coming to Mara tomorrow. Patrons have already seen it, so I guess the real WIP is the one p…

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norma marquardt

@TheGoldenRatio4 This news brings a measured sigh of relief. Fingers and paws crossed that Hopper T heals quickly.

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Phil Verney

"When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, "Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.""

@CarlAttard23 Fingers crossed ;)

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Imelda Taylor

Writer of all things weird and wonderful, educator and mum. Contributor to @SkullgateMedia. #PB #Kidlit

@SuspiciousPig Thanks 😊 keeping my fingers crossed.

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うっちゃーん 乃木坂と筋トレにハマった高校生!

💪将来はマッチョになる💪 最近乃木坂にハマりました!!! まだまだ知らないことも多いですが、 皆さん、メンバーのことなどたくさんのことを共有しましょう!! #生田絵梨花さん推し

RT @nogizaka46: 【ニュース更新】 「乃木坂配信中」にて【ドラマ】あやめとゴリラの謎を解け! 岩本蓮加 大園桃子 筒井あやめ 星野みなみ【ごめんねFingers crossed MVスピンオフ】公開! https:/…

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Robert Long

Conservation biologist, carnivore ecologist, noninvasive researcher, @Wilburforce fellow. I study where species live and how they move. All views here my own.

In just a few minutes we are set to test the “bear proof-ness” of our new scent dispenser housing design. We’re goi…

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Jill Dye

📚Librarian @StHildasLib 📖Chair & Journal Editor @CILIP_LIHG 📓Libraries, library history, books, baking and the occasional walk.

More balloons over Oxford! Fingers crossed this means the storm will hold off until later this eve.

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DreamingLuka 🐈EN Vtuber🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈(Pre debut)

Howdy I'm Luka, I’m a sleepy yet excitable tabby cat boy. I like talking about jrpgs and visual novels, I’m very new to vtubing but I'll do my best!!

Oh I forgot to tweet it oops, since my capture seems to be fixed (fingers crossed) I’m gonna be doing a stream of k…

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