Hugh Phœnix-Hulme

AI/ML Architect at IFS AB Author, Rebellion's Martyr: Autistic Kinetic ("with ADHD")

@NerdyRodent Did you create a dataset by using img2img to produce "painted" versions of photos and then finetune SD…

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Adam Waselnuk

Working on a product to create, share, and play mobile RPGs. Founder @swordnsource. Advisor @legendkeeperapp, @codexbuild. Prev: Dev Lead @Shopify. 🇨🇦 🧙‍♂️

The GPT-backed NPCs were the most fun when playing. You can have open-ended conversations with them and feel like…

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#agi artist cultist musician wizard coder dude making awesome #ai #animation etc. Discore Prompt Golfing

@keunwoochoi It sounds good but also very plain, not very creative. I bet it's missing a good dataset, I hope cheap…

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William Jepma 💻

Writer, editor and analyst specializing in the #ERP, #CRM, #BPM, and #MarketingAutomation markets for @SolutionsReview. | He/Him

Improve or finetune your #ProcessImprovement skills and know-how with this list of top-rated training courses on…

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Anton Schreiner

Coder. Realtime Computer Graphics/GPUs/Compilers. Something @AMD. Previously @Unigine and @intel. own opinions. DMs open.

RT @SebAaltonen: Allocator update: Separated floating point based bins clearly from the two level bitmap. Now they don't need to match anym…

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i am 22 btw, pls let me into yall popiku ||| 20 and decided to use twitter for once, 20 and haikyuu ended 190720 b pfp: @Groundbird21

@lavendori always wanted to track my feelings better! i have been using mooda as a general planner mood tracker but…

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Helen Nde

Whatever the ways of the world, what fruit do you bring? — Rumi

With Calibre, I can edit the eBook without messing up the formatter's work. Adobe Pro Plus lets me do the same for…

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Deen Kun A.

Developer for Math Ed software co | Intelligence Amplification Tinkerer | What type of Dynamical Systems can be called Intelligent? | bboy hermit

@nc_znc @alexjc Ah, this one's a bit different. They finetune to calibrate model probs so even quite small model pr…

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Just Mouse

She/Her. Shadowbringers Monk sucks Gamedev at @dev_mouse BLM/ACAB

RT @staroftherogue: Hi-Fi Rush lets you freely upgrade or downgrade your chips as you see fit, allowing you to finetune your playstyle howe…

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marshmallow mammal

marcy/marceline • they/she • 25 • pan/nb🏳‍⚧ • i love video games, i hope they love me back • 🔞 not really NSFW but no minors ty • 🎨@hammy_star

Hi-Fi Rush lets you freely upgrade or downgrade your chips as you see fit, allowing you to finetune your playstyle…



this world is indistinguishable from magic (and so are you) 🏙 🌇 🌃 🌌

has anyone tried to finetune a large language model on recipes and then asked it to invent a new recpipe, and then tried to cook that?

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Philipp 斐離普

Data Science graduate student in Switzerland. Originally software developer. German, lived in Japan and Taiwan. 🇩🇪🇯🇵🇼🇸.

@pcuenq What kind of GPU is required to finetune SD2@768 with Lora? With an RTX3090 I still run into OOM errors.

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Michaela Laws

Writer. Director. Voice Actor. Game Dev. #VTuber #ENVTuber #FireInHisFingertips #HenkeiShoujo #SuckerForLove #Gunvolt3 #Aphmau #YandereSimulator #SeduceMeOtome

Just spent 6 hours staring at a coding screen, adding lines to it. Now I just have to divide audio and finetune the…

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Will Pearce

AI Red Team Lead @Nvidia

@_xpn_ @curi0usJack ChatGPT isn’t static. In another thread I mentioned GPT is the value. Finetune your own models.

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