Traveling Again

!! couple of TREES !! a family twitter account you get to guess which one of us is making the comment youngest is 18 oldest is 79 we are multi racial

RT @CoryBooker: My home state is on the verge of legalizing marijuana this fall. But we can't stop there. We must also expunge records for…

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Zayn Salem

RT @Blanksynthetics: @rariblecom hey! Why haven't you verified @NFTignition yet? Seems like it probably should have happened already.. @op…

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Edson 🇭🇹

Phillipians 4:13| Haitian raised |Temple Made| KAΨ| Λ|

All ya locs finna fall out now and ya last album was ass

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Hindustan Times

One of India's largest media companies. Latest news from around the world. Retweets are not endorsements

RT @HTTech: Tim Cook said the new iPhone 12 line has been well received. #Apple



🎭Crypto Enthusiast 🙇My Ethereum Address: 0xc3EEE42Ba76ddD264Ac35D306E898FE113EA1694

RT @Blanksynthetics: @rariblecom hey! Why haven't you verified @NFTignition yet? Seems like it probably should have happened already.. @op…

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❤♥My life my rules!❤♥

RT @FUNimation: Crown Prince Xie Lian is about to ascend as a god... for the third time?! 😱 We're so excited for Heaven Official's Blessin…

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UKfan, father, husband, sinner and follower of Jesus (not listed in order of importance)

@SportsCenter Sources also say Dabo was afraid his arm was gonna fall off from throwing 80 tds a game in their middle-school conference

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Steven Soifer

Professor, University of Mississippi Dept of Social Work; Co-Founder, Advisor & Consultant, International Paruresis Assoc; President, American Restroom Assoc

What we can learn from 1918's deadly second wave

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Natalie Manahan

Fangirl of Tron among other things.

RT @janrheeee: feels like the sky could fall any minute now

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@StanHorton4 I used to love coming home sideways , grab a couple extra logs to throw on the fire and fall asleep wa…

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RT @emmaog___: When I fall into the smart group and my only job is to make them laugh

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Karen Walker 🍍


RT @moonflowrrs: dani and jamie being seen as not gay enough when we literally saw them fall completely head over heels in love with each o…

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V ❌⭕️

laying in bed with a fucked up head 🏳️‍🌈| TMG | 20 | She/Her ♥️

RT @DominiqueBrieno: You deserve someone who CAN'T WAIT to talk to you & spend time with you & get to know you & fall in love with you. Ple…

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ᴶᴵᴺᴬᴺᴵ; HANBIN IT'S BACK!!!

ꜰᴀɴ ᴀᴄᴄᴏᴜɴᴛ🔥||¦||¦¦ sometimes i speak english🤭 #JINHWAN: who made this😅: me. iKON ME VIO!

RT @i_KONICs_edits: #HANBIN; Oh no I hope I don't fall

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RT @itsjujubae: I was someone who rejected everything that felt good until extremely recently. and in some ways I catch myself still doing…

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