@keyon @ADavi1026 imagine the material Eminem could have had if he made killshot today lmao

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Life Long Learner | #TOTGotYouServed

Eminem’s pieceof Advice to the kids; “Remember the magic words: ‘Please, Thank You, and Step Off Bitch”. 😂😂😂

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ex-peladeiro em atividade #BTC #ETH

Meus top artistas do Spotify nas últimas semanas: - 50 Cent - Tz da Coronel - Eminem - Kyan - Reginaldo Rossi via…




RT @cartelofvibes: Can’t believe this nigga was beefing with Eminem.

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102.1 The Edge

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A long-forgotten cameo from Eminem, the police are now exploring Marilyn Manson's haunted mansion and more of this…



Creator, Writer At-Large, Hip Hop Isn’t Dead / Hip Hop Is Done | Content Curator, @RandoMax_Radio | Extra Content on Patreon:

🚨 HIP HOP ANNIVERSARY POST 🚨 15 years ago today, Eminem introduced the world to his Shady Records roster with The…

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anger is a gift @PutaoIncel conta reserva qualquer pronome/ any pronouns

RT @lil_vinicinho: perder o pau é de boa agora ouvir eminem pqp

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I Really Was Born To Meet You ILYSM @ohnomia 💛

RT @CrimesReais: Homem tem pênis arrancado por lâminas de barbear e é obrigado a ouvir músicas do Eminem por 24 horas como forma de tortura…

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Mike (fully vaccinated)

Sports: Los Angeles Lakers. OAKLAND Raiders. MMA/BOXING/SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT. All my tweets are song lyrics.

Eminem turned this cracka from a wigger to a fruit. RAP GOD.

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Davis Mushikoma

RT @HipHopAllDayy: Number of daily streams these rappers albums are getting on Spotify: 18.8m - Drake 15.2m - Kanye West 12.6m - Eminem 11…

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cau. vai ver os larry | au’s 📌

@getbacktolouis, te amo de novo

RT @larryway_: 3 níveis de inglês hard 3° Louis Tomlinson (se vc entende parabéns pq nem ele entende o q fala) 2° Liam Payne (a rapidez q…

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🤫🤫🤫 Slim/Shady fan acc / from 2670 to 2580 smh

RT @EminemQuotes31: Life is too short and I got no time to sit around just wastin' it Eminem - That’s All She Wrote

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Winner of not gay Mario's tournament Tuesday number 7 and 8! 🥭🥭 follow Grundle at @grundledagoblin

RT @cartelofvibes: Can’t believe this nigga was beefing with Eminem.

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nik 🍒

queer - i’m 6’9- dtx- scorpio blm

RT @WowThatsHipHop: Calling Eminem’s daughter a “dickrider” for listening to her OWN father’s music is WILD 💀💀

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“Não sou Corinthiano de coração porque um dia ele para. Sou Corinthiano de alma porque ela é eterna.”

perde o pinto tudo bem, mas Eminem por 24 é complicado

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