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RT @irepelusa: Alguna vez me vieron enfadao como un dragón 🐉 pero ella andaba cerca y rapido se me paso ☺️

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㉒歳 : 会社員 ♀: sweet🧁: fashion👟: cosme💄: 無言フォロー大歓迎✨敬語ぽい◎高額当選したい💪🏻#mskの当選報告 #コバさんず《LINE登録・副業・レビュー系🙅🏻‍♀️》

RT @ClickHoldings: #ニッポン放送 予告 5/29(日)20:30~21:00「ラジオマガジン・ #登龍門 」 『今週も #つぶやきシローさん が登場!「こんな人いるよねぇ」なつぶやきの秘密を聞く!』 #1000円分 のアマギフを20名に🎁 1⃣@dra…

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One Eighty in the AM

I really like video games and cryptic surrealism pfp @ snkc_e

RT @SpicedMilk: Malformed Dragon Priest and a variant.

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@keiba_dragon もしかして答えない方が良かった??

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Bon. J'ai sauté 5 fois en tout

RT @ZettoDB: Un jour on a joué à Dragon Ball Budokai Tenkaichi 3 pour la dernière fois...

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captain rhiannon ✨ misses space

🌼 the avalon system | host: rhiannon | ISWM ✨ carrd wip !! ☀️ ally’s mom 🐚 | married to aldebaran collective | lyah’s beastie

@NerdDragon25 ily dragon!!!

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Wild Tiger

Amante del manganime, videojuegos y rock/metal. Diciendo chorradas desde el arockalipsis. A perfect stranger of a disastrous, imperfect world.

29. Dragon Ball: ¡¡El regreso de Son Goku y sus amigos!!. Otra OVA más la cual se caracteriza por presentar al herm…

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Mara Grassroots Power! Novak

Co-Executive Director @nj11forchange. @mets, Shakespeare, dictionary subtweets, bird Twitter, math. Vaccines save lives. @NJGov stan account. (she/her)

RT @suealtman: @RebovichInst @Troy4NJ7 @DStahl01 @matt_dragon @delany_kate @StevenFulop @MattFriedmanNJ @CCDems @JerseyDemocrats I didn't t…

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Rowan Hughes

Writer and Dark Lord of All | pfp by @AmelieAstralis

Does anyone know what went on with the @wizkidsgames Pathfinder Deepcuts Blue Dragon from Wave 14? It was supposed…

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(・ω・)つ ✨ 🌸❄️ ✨⊂(・ω・)

esp/en || 🇲🇽 || wangxian 🌸 renga 🌸 victuuri 🌸 nalu ||

RT @redditSpacePorn: The Blue Dragon River seen from space

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En tu andar, veo mi andar y somos los mismos de siempre.

RT @LabrunismoMillo: De no ser por las esferas del dragón, la saga de Vegeta hubiera sido una masacre sin precedentes. Amigo, Toriyama mato…

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Andrew Stolz

Frequent guest on @bgsuperfriends podcast! Check it out!

RT @AxionNow: 🏆Competition Time🏆 Win a Collector Booster: the Dragon's treasure! All you have to do is: like this post, share this post an…

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🏆 acro, pilates, golf | 🎮 ps5, xsx, switch

RT @tardisfeathers: If you ever feel dumb, remember this: I specialise in studying animal jawbones… yet I looked at that wolf jaw fossil ne…

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Loves anything StarWars,DC,Marvel,VideoGames,Anime. Star Wars is the best.Cope

@CptAckerman @starcannon20XX @SaylupGG A. The Enies Lobby art may be true but from there on nothing else B. punchin…

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