Jessica Hackman

RT @DrEricDing: 📍BAD SIGN—Something really bad happening in UK 🇬🇧—especially notable in Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿— where hospitalization for #COVID19 r…

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Lesko Brandon

I’m low IQ and even lower EQ

@HarryFlashman @HarrlyQuinn @tclementsuk “Infections with the Delta variant in vaccinated persons potentially have…

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Le premier ministre néo-zélandais, qui s’est enfermé jette l’éponge avec le Variant Delta, elle pourrait renoncer à…

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RT @drclaudiosalud: #TeAvise Las vacunas COVID previenen la muerte por la variante Delta en más del 90% de los casos…

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Rose du Jardin

C'est en vain que Néron prospère. Tacite est déjà né dans l'empire... F. - R. de Chateaubriand

RT @LaurieTheWay: Non ça ne finira plus! Préparez-vous à un reconfinement, à une récession et à un délire interminable! Joyeux hiver!! 🥴😬…

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Marcela Garcia 😺🇦🇷🖐🦍💛

Dale poder a un resentido y conocerás a un miserable.

RT @carliferro: Si hay un remero entrenando en el delta, manda 2 helicópteros, gendarmería y comandos tácticos. Si los terroristas queman…

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حَـ ـسَـ ـنْ 🅷 🆂 🅽


Really looking forward to being able to follow your updates, Chromia on @get_delta #DeltaDirect ! #chromia #chr $CHR

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Ayọ̀ Fákúàdé

Husband|Father|Christian|Engineer|ITpreneur|No Nonsense|My Tweets my thought|Retweets?..the owner's |Non-conformist 🇳🇬. U hate 🇳🇬 avoid my Space.

RT @the_davidatta: Every death that happened last year October... From start to finish, of both policemen and civilians... Falls on the hea…

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Mats Deland

”Om målet med samhälls­utvecklingen skulle vara att vi alla skulle arbeta maximalt voro vi sinnessjuka. Målet är att frigöra människan till att skapa maximalt.

RT @f_jalalvand: Man kan delta i detta forskningsprojekt vid LU om man lider av långcovid .

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Out where the pavement meets the sand 1/4 do @quackclube

RT @TolarianCollege: My EDH opponent is using gamma, delta, epsilon Magic cards as tokens for his cat deck. Wow.

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Maggie Tietze

RT @Stina2312: @Markus_Soeder Herr Söder, .@Markus_Soeder Siiieeee ducken sich weg, verdammt nochmal, sie lassen Delta laufen und durchseuc…

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❤️paddle boarding, biking, Cleveland Indians, 🐶🏖🎄🍷⚾️family & friends, cle browns 🧡🏈🤎#boymom

@KaitMarieox @son_of_cush I’ve been saying this same thing since ‘delta’ surfaced

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Vikram Bhogiraju

Learning Analytics @Infosys

RT @TrulyMonica: Delta Plus variant A.Y.4.2 leading to surge in cases in UK, Israel, Russia. China again witnesses a new Covid outbreak. St…

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La mentira tiene patas cortas.

En tiempos de engaño universal, decir la verdad es un acto revolucionario. (Orwell)

RT @ActualidadRT: Sputnik Light de una sola dosis muestra "una mayor eficacia contra la variante Delta que muchas vacunas de dos inyeccione…




@ran84768580 さらにお写真 海辺もよいー

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