Mike Pohlman

Husband; Dad; PhD, Church History; Author, Broadcasting the Faith; Professor, @sbts; Co-founder & Executive Director, @jointeamjulia; @uw alum (Go Dawgs!)

RT @ScottGottliebMD: Maybe With Delta the CDC Will Learn to Count by @HolmanJenkins

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Saito Bello G

🇨🇴 Derecho🌹 Simplemente yo! Aqui👇mis opiniones

RT @VickyDavilaH: “Este tuit es engañoso”, el letrero con el que Twitter marcó el mensaje mentiroso de Gustavo Petro sobre las vacunas y la…

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Brian Carter

Wilson was the problem. Coolidge was the Solution. Reagan solves Carter. Friedman cures Keynes. Jesus solves it all.

RT @SteveDeaceShow: So what does this mean for the Delta Variant in the U.S.? From a public policy perspective, we can probably draw three…

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The leading advocacy organization in support of Community Health Centers and the expansion of health care access for the uninsured and medically underserved.

RT @CDCgov: #DeltaVariant surging in U.S. New data show Delta much more contagious than previous versions of #COVID19. Unvaccinated people:…

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come meet me in the middle

RT @DaShaunLH: very much going back to being 100% in the house. delta sigma theta not finna get me.

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El Nacional

Te informamos sobre las noticias más recientes de Venezuela y el mundo ¡Tu opinión es importante! Síguenos en Instagram y Telegram como Elnacionalweb 📲

#31Jul | Informe de los CDC: variante delta se transmite también entre vacunados


Ivy G

Clinical Nurse Consultant-Infection Control & Public Health.Great interests in epi,micro, genomics,global outbreak & decoding Australian law in clinical setting

RT @glenys_infexion: ‘The war has changed’: Internal CDC document urges new messaging, warns delta infections likely more severe https://t.…

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Debi Savage

Experienced Nursing Leader & Nursing Education Leader. Elected DuPage Township Trustee & Chair of IL Health Facilities & Services Review Board.

RT @POTUS: The Delta variant is different than what we’ve dealt with previously. It’s highly transmissible and causing a new wave of cases.…

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Analía Pettinaro

Soy madre, hija, hermana, amiga, esposa ... y abogada Hincha del más grande 🤍❤️🤍y del Chivo, aunque no me molestaría engañarlo con un Challenger

RT @martincarrizo_: Dejaron a miles de argentinos varados, incluyendo a un ex presidente, y la variante Delta se le desparramó más rápido q…

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John Broward

Recruiting News and Info from around the ACC region.

RT @TheBabylonBee: To Defeat Delta Variant, Experts Recommend Doing All The Things That Didn't Work The First Time

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INGENIERO CIVIL..» De Maicao La Guajira...» Actual mente Residente de obras de la..» Empresa ARQUITECTURA Y CONCRETO SAS

RT @petrogustavo: Este trino mio desligado de los demás puede llevar a engaño al lector desprevenido: las vacunas no sirven para detener el…

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abhay kumar

Florida COVID cases jump 50% this week as surge from delta variant continues

H ⚜️🇫🇷 #Z0ZZ

RT @nytimes: Breaking News: Vaccinated people with breakthrough infections of the Delta variant may spread the virus to others just as easi…

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I'm smol, but supportive, a bit...yeah.

RT @mimmi_sak:

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RT is not endorsement

RT @Original_LF: Se vi state chiedendo perché tanti vaccinati si infettino con la variante Delta.. Provate a pensare all'ipotesi che vi abb…

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