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I'm nuclear I'm wild I'm breaking up inside A heart of broken glass Defiled Deep inside The abandoned child

Lindeni Lebea

Yes I can get a lil controversial but, I said what I said. It is, what it is.

@Ludlong05 @News24 @Lisaleesolomon1 Mob justice is necessary especially when our police services and judiciary are…

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Michael Meador

Adventurer, photographer, and more

@AVindman You sir did NOT uphold your oath. You defiled your oath and you should hang your head in shame. You ser…

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nikkia redd

Professional Photographer at Nikkia Redd Photography

Somebody just defiled my nostrils with their flatulence 🤢. They definitely did not eat Roses for breakfast.

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Nikola Antic@Fini Covek

I love to see people smile its the nicest thing in the world to make people happy.

@TheOfficerTatum We come to a sad time in our history where all that was regarded as sacred is being defiled,includ…

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Consolation Africa

Consolation East Africa exists to build the capability of East African Organizations against human trafficking, promote conflict transformation and human rights

RT @GROOTSKenya: According to the Health Ministry, at least 9,484 children were defiled last year, with many infected with sexually transmi…

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@AVindman @votevets Every US Military Officer cringes when they hear your name. What you did defiled the UCMJ for…

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Silas Nogood

It is all a fantasy, a simulation of realism, based in realism. Freelance writer Would love some subs here:

I'm nuclear, I'm wild I'm breaking up inside A heart of broken glass Defiled Deep inside The abandoned child 🎶🎵

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Jim Gee

Combat Vet 🇺🇲 USMA Grad '14 📜 Common Sense Advocate 👏 Dems & RINOs can catch deez tweets 🐦

@shelleymdavis60 @EndWokeness The woke literally defiled the statue of the president that ENDED slavery. So does th…

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生粋のバイリンガル。 毎日、役立つ英文をその訳と共にご提供させて頂きます(*^^*) たまにおしゃれなこともつぶやきます。The English Station where a nice lady tweets sentences along with Japanese\(^o^)/

He that touches pitch shall be defiled.   朱に交われば赤くなる

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audrey 🤰🏼

Christian, wifey, mama🤰🏼and homemaker 🤍

Hebrews 12:15 (b) See to it… that no “root of bitterness” springs up and causes trouble, and by it many become defiled

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Paul Williams

Therapy-drone with standard nipple configuration (2)

@lesstenny A smug, pseudo-religious, narcissistic sociopath, with zero class, zero integrity, zero talent, who utte…

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Nathaniel Healey

Our judgment is corrupted, our courts defiled, our politicians bought. We don't even know what a woman is. Justice…

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Dr. Stranger 🇰🇪

Facts don't care about feelings! Enda uskie vibaya ukoooo!!

Was she though, was she really defiled or did she realize that after the nigga didn't see anything good about those…

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Siyanda Dube

@NomaguguSamke @AmuEmperor 1 Peter 1:15 tells us, “But just as God who called you is holy, so be holy in all you do…

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