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Kel 🇵🇭

Be the best. | aspiring photographer, coach, pro player Keep believing.

December Avenue talaga pang inuman HAHAHA SOLID TAENA KAMISS GRADE 11 DAYS

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Kim Evans

PC Master Race || PC Builder || PC Modder

December Avenue hits me so bad :c

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SunSun au, soon.

sinasaktan ko sarili gamit yung kantang 'Huling Sandali' by December Avenue😭😭 normal pa ba 'to??

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Aia ʕ⁎̯͡⁎ʔ༄ | KurooKen 📌

me iz willing sacrifice my life to make baji alive again | quanxi supremacy🛐 | #SakuAtsu brainrot

RT @hxnachuu: Kahit Sa Panaginip by December Avenue Short Cover P.S. maingay vent.

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- elizabeth // zack tabudlo

RT @royski_b: Dahan by December Avenue(short cover)

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she/her On-going AU | World Over Love |

Before I start I just want to share that this au was really inspired by the song "Magkunwari" by December Avenue. I…

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ayo anon

- december avenue fan

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⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀— ## ♡. . . She!¡Her #민윤기

@rraeroses ben & ben and December avenue etc

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mirai. ♡ cover📍

; @shikie_san • mw: @s_HOT_o ♡

Kahit Sa Panaginip by December Avenue Short Cover P.S. maingay vent.

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Pinapaiyak ako ng December avenue

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mirai. ♡ cover📍

; @shikie_san • mw: @s_HOT_o ♡

Babalik ka ba'ng muli? – Kahit Sa Panaginip by December Avenue

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CyberPinoy Radio

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#CyberPinoyRadio just played Dahan by December Avenue #SupportOPM #pinoymusic. Get our apps

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. . .☘ HE!iHIM — jungwoo + sunghoon bias 🕊. . .

— these days I got addicted to opm!! My favorite bands are Ben&Ben, December Avenue, Silent Sanctuary, Eraserheads and Kamikazee

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Paubaya LV•100M Views•

Stan Moira Dela Torre for a better life

Queen Moira X December Avenue sakalam!!! 🙌🙌🙌 @moiradelatorre #MoiraDelaTorre

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Paubaya LV Road to 1M Likes

Daily news and updates about Moira Dela Torre

🚨JUST IN🚨 • 'KDRLI' has now surpassed 150,000,000 million total streams on Spotify and still counting. Indeed a leg…

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