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Uniting in strength and intelligence to show the world something different. We built a global network that stand for generations. Thats why Black MEN Network. In celebration of Black Love, the heart felt song by @rihanna "Lift Me Up" is the theme son…

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WeUs have my heart ❤️ just a stan account || artist 👀

RT @ReminisceAbtAII: friendly reminder that lee giuk aka cya of onewe wrote a song about consoling "comfort women" victims at age of 15 (it…

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@bornfreeonekiss 's biggest simp | tvxq-onewe-skz-a.c.e-oneus-luamel | insta @/ohleeyesohleeknow, thai bl fan 🤫

RT @kbandhappenings: when that kband dedicated their first song, written by their 15 y/o maknae, to comfort women victims and donated all t…

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