Sheri 🏒

“Hockey is like a disease, you can't really shake it.” Sometimes life just sucks and all we can do is go to our happy place where we plot our revenge.

@gbolthere Damn faceoffs. They should have had Stammer or Colton take faceoff

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💋LaQuette (Jackson Is Out On February 23rd!)💋

'21 #VivianFinalist, I write sexy & diverse stories 4 @SourceBooksCasa, @HarlequinBooks, & @SMPRomance. Rep'd by @GlamEditor_Girl. #RWA Pres, ALL opinions MINE.

@urbanbookbabe Oh, but just to tide you over, the first chapter of Colton is at the end of JACKSON. 😘

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I would rather die on my feet then live on my knees. Racists hate themselves more so than anyone else.

Go Colton. You the Main Man. You can beat anything!

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I love movies. Hey and checkout my and some funny things happen sometimes.

RT @exzian: Decided to start a new mc world....

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Go Cats Go 🏈🐯 #GoHabsGo #MoBro All trust in God ⛪

@CanadiensMTL What?

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Go Cats Go 🏈🐯 #GoHabsGo #MoBro All trust in God ⛪


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Cⓧlton Huffⓧrd | Be Cool, Be Wild, Be Groovy!

Memento Mori Local video game and anime asshole

It's enough to make a grown man cry, and I'm fine with that. #WMBacklash

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Colton Tucker

RIP Chris. 09/14/14. WooPig.

RT @SECNetwork: Who is the only team to win every SEC series this season? 🤫

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JT Habersaat

That punk comedy dude. Altercation Comedy Fest+The Road Live+JT Custom Toys+writes books. New special on 800lb Gorilla soon! On tour w Eddie Pepitone 2021.

Returning to the fantastic @creekandcave with @eddiepepitone for one Austin show! Hilarious pals Avery Moore, Col…

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28 yr old Pokémon Streamer - Lv50 Pokémon GO Team Valor - Drummer for @gravitybindma

LIVE NOW! Guzzlord Dynamax Adventures! Come join in some raids! Bruxish SOS Method! Let's go dude!!! 👏✨…

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I talk to chickens and get paid to do it.

Firing squad bro

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콜튼 와이즈먼


오늘 하루도 힘내요


RT @BBurnsNHL: #Bolts lines & D-pairings from Game 1 warmups #TBLvsFLA: Palat-Point-Kucherov Killorn-Cirelli-Stamkos Colton-Gourde-Coleman…

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CA Tech Council

CTC is an industry development organization serving innovators from all sectors.

JOB ALERT Field Service Representative I - Colton, CA - 3M - SAN BERNARDINO, CA


'I saw an angel in the marble, and carved until I set him free.'

RT @Bettyxx84: Colton Batts:

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