Danielle Gransaull Art

Artist who loves and is inspired by comics, cartoons, movies, video games, old school anime & the 80's

Elementals 2 base card, for my Earth theme I imagined a "land mermaid" with some little mystic rock friends 🧜🗿 Sket…


Oak 2️⃣1️⃣☭

Olhando pro nada pensando em nada 19 TOP 91# OLDYR BR ARTISTA Q N ARTEIRA

Eu ia voltar a desenhar mas o clip studio paint agora precisa de assinatura 🤡🤡🤡

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そろそろ恋という物をして見たい 無理か vakamega_bongu Great Pretender きになる

フォローしてねえ 自作PC/BF/エロゲ/イラスト書けたらいいな/CLIP STUDIO PAINT

samba do brasil

No vuelvo a ver fate en mi vida

RT @alberto_folgado: Y por aquí el clean up en Clip Studio Paint.

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Toby🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈art raffle pinned 💀

Hi hi I'm Toby!!! He/They I am an artist ✌('ω'✌ ) Rhd/robux commission closed! Art depts- 12/10… p-@pxperclip_

@s_0_d_0 I use clip studio paint!

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Uni ൫ Fall gyal vibes

🍊|| I only like money and tangerines! || 20+||🇸🇴🇾🇪||🍊

@lunaricals Just pirate clip studio paint

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Anne ✨| Commissions open

Illustrator, Character and Graphic Designer✨💙 | Colombiana a mucha honra papá 🇨🇴 Commissions open!!✨ Dm me for information!

@wwwowly @Procreate Do you have it only on procreate or do you have a clip paint studio version? I really love your brushes!

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Ghost Bird 🦉

i don't know what I'm doing

RT @DevinElleKurtz: 🌃Cityscape Brushset for Photoshop, Procreate, and Clip Studio Paint 🌃 -114 responsive brushes + multiple demo videos -…

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27 - He/Him ✦ Furry artist and musician who tries his best. ✦ 🔞 ✦ Touhou composer for @POfBoundaries. ✦ BLM/ACAB ✦ Banner: @SoloSoloSolomon ✦ 💕🐺🐮💕

RT @_gamubear: Hey guys! I’ve been using this (#TourBox NEO) for a few months now and it has helped me out so much by saving time. You can…

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BlueMoon_Phoenix 💙🌑

RT @OliverBaelVT: my mama bought me clip studio paint license, send png so i can make mama proud

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Cup A' Jo

27 | She/Her | 🇨🇦 | Animator | Working at @jamfilledstudio | Secret Project 🤫 | BLM ✊🏿 | ACAB | Every Child Matters 🧡 | thoughts are mine

@Kartzmark the fuckin 3d model assets in clip studio paint are a GOD SEND

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RT @rayluaza: i made some chi-chi drawings/renders to test out Clip Studio Paint Pro and uuuh yeah, this is good stuff! Its probably going…

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🎸𝗔𝗻𝗻𝗶𝗲 ⚔️

COMISSION DM 𖦹︎ ESP/ENG 📌 𖦹︎ i RT too much stuff 😭| #Given #sao_anime #Shingeki #Joyconboyz #Undertale 🌟

@Eminahime ¡Hola! Soy Ana y trabajo en un cómic llamado Anécdotas de Vida Puedo mostrarte aquí algunas viñetas que…

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スマンな出合いは求めて無いんや(´・ω・`) 素敵サムネは摩居さん(@010Caterpie )です!(^^) フォロワーさんへ良き日を!良いね、コメにフォローありがとうございます!ブロック、ミュートOKな!米無し凸フォロー、RTマンでひたすら推しアニメに投資するヲワタ中年のツイです\(^o^)/

RT @puniyuki: Not sure if I told you before that I've been making a video on youtube explaining how to use CLIP STUDIO PAINT. CLIP STUDIO…

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RiseTMNT Lizard!!!

The Lovely Ginger Lady Lizard!

@Startheskeleto1 I hear you on that, after school, hardly touch any of the adobe stuff since I got Clip Studio Paint, I love it!

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