Oniel Miranda Pérez 

Aficionado de los Productos de Apple

RT @applesfera: Por qué dejé de usar Google Chrome por completo: (spoiler) porque conseguí un navegador mejor https…

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Wipe your Tears,

Anna | 24 y.o | ISFJ | Colorist | Multifandom -- Mostly: Dcst + DBZ . DBS + Logh

RT @lyov_pple: Chrome es fav

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Todd Kiehn

Habitual product guy and level 6 white board ninja

@wesyang Pretty sure I see what they're doing but this will almost always come off as good-natured ribbing between…

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Stu Small

Paranoid nerd. Rust enthusiast. Maker of subpar pottery. Petter of puppies.

What is up with chrome nday just getting tweeted out lately? I just saw my 2nd one this week that works on current chrome with --no-sandbox

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Nobody has, is or will ever be perfect. However, being a Manchester United fan is closer to being....♥️ I have nice fleets btw😚‼️‼️...

RT @DennaJeal: When I'm told to taste Chrome GIN at the family gathering

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Tshepo XIX

Trying to be the best... @ChelseaFC 💙💙💙

Use Google chrome incognito before you Google it tho.

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RT @iD7Mng_Ogami: 【ゲーム情報】限定登場のUR[記念日2021]衣装の千くんをご紹介! 2人が過ごすとある1日。素顔のスナップ写真をお見逃しなく! #アイナナ #Revale記念日2021

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Hilary egesa

Web and mobile software programmer

@iamdevloper If you reduce your RAM and run chrome and android studio you will still get all the noise you need without the keyboard...

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RT @iD7Mng_Ogami: 【ゲーム情報】限定登場のUR[記念日2021]衣装の百くんをご紹介! 2人が過ごすとある1日。素顔のスナップ写真をお見逃しなく! #アイナナ #Revale記念日2021

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controlling my feelings

for too long. Muser.Music-lover since childhood. Proud member on - Messageboard 😎

RT @maria_nero: Apr 14 2016 #MuseHistory @muse performed night 3 of 4 at The O2 Arena in #London - This gig saw the tour debut & only appea…

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Victor Acuna

Software Developer in the Making

@stickermule I would use it to build a cheap pc for my school work because the chrome book that they provide at my…

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م/علي العمور

‏‏‏‏‏‏اللهم علمنا ماجهلنا وانفعنا بما علمتنا (مدرب كره قدم معتمد آسيويا مدرب في نادي الشباب )

RT @alsbt: لو شفت اي منتج ودك تعرف من يبيعه وكم سعره. هذا اداة تضيفها في متصفح كروم ، تعطيه الصوره ويجيبلك كل المنتجات اللي تشبهها #mkt_a…

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I'm an Artist / ♥️ / 🇲🇽 / Non-binary / POC / ALT / ENTP / And a big Anime fan /Art blog: @finntheartpanda

RT @hamifihekrix: this is why i use a chrome application called shinigami eyes!! it essentially marks transphobic individuals across most s…

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Webscale 2.0 Bot

A marketing bot by @noah_anyname source code here:

The best email client for Google server that's painted chrome.



jack of all trades

i lied last time on accident Chrome <3 Jeans is actually on 706 so y’all might actually get a S!+F! single this time

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