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You can’t eat money 💙🌍🔥🕷😷 3.5%

Reality is so much bigger than the self it is alarming. We have to leave the Earth to the kids with the animals still alive and a chance to make a living.

RT @UB5simon: Judging by today's death rate, and the 28 day cut off, it's hard not to think that Christmas was deadly.

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*・:.。..。.:*・'(she/they)*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・* loml - @NE0MU ,@rainbowtimess,@IvIytete,taken bestie- @theonlybaepsae ★*・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'・*:.*・゜゚・* prvt-@army54157855

@bangtan_haewon When u get a package it’s like Christmas Day

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Frank Castle 🐐 The Punisher 💀

I am The Punisher. MTGA The Punisher#57925 We all need to stick together as a community for content creators and help to promote each other. #ThePunisher

RT @C4K96: Dear #HiredSteel Followers: Please excuse the silence. We at #TMC are working hours every day on Ep1 and pushed through >100 ta…

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RT @Hannahczen: Merry Christmas! 🎉Day 12 of 12 days of giveaway🎉 NCT 2020 RESONANCE PT. 2 ALBUM (Departure version) Rules to enter: -Must…

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嵐さんに風を送りたい🍃🌈 嵐さん大好き🌈潤くん大好き💜 @chiro88908344(1号) @chirochiro2020(2号) の3番目です🐈🐈✨🐈✨ 応援垢さん無言フォロー🙇&されるのも大歓迎です🙆

@Mimi24722746 ARASHI always cuddles with fans thinking about their feelings. I Can't Wait For Christmas ❄️。☃゚ Turn…

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Nasty woman

RT @Blackamazon: Hi It’s only been 18 days since New Year’s Day. Christmas wasn’t a month ago . You aren’t behind on anything as long…

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🔰2020年3月初tweet🥰翔くん大好き❤️5人で嵐💙❤️💚💛💜1月に17歳の愛犬を虹の橋に🌈アイコン、ヘッダー著作権侵害の方は🙅ヘッダーは@maatosakurairoさんの作品を使わせて頂きました。 自分らしくSNSを楽しむ為に本垢で微風を送って応援📣

RT @StormLoverUSA: 📣FLSワンタッチ回覧板・新春第⑰弾 #嵐 #Thisis嵐 #PartyStarters  @arashi5official RT🙏 #嵐MTVワンクリック で伝えよう🌈 #ありがとう嵐 #嵐ファンと繋がりたい https://t.c…

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Harrison Farmer

Acting Grad - Window Washer - STL born, LA resident- he/him

RT @spencerk_ruse: Hanging out, having fun tonight, which is the Christmas Eve (high hopes, unlimited possibilities) before Christmas Day (…

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Mary Yang

know some stuff about cyber & tech. tweeting about food, DC, cyber & Insta. disclaimer: my views are my own blah blah blah.

I CANNOT WAIT FOR TOMORROW! This is like the day before Christmas when you're 7 years old.

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Christine Anne Peirce, working to Dr.

April Ludgate of church work. she/her Top photo credit: @johnnysideways

RT @blurbette: A suicide bomber blew up an entire city block in downtown Nashville ON CHRISTMAS DAY and it’s already like it never happened…

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Jerry Parrott

Psychology professor @Georgetown University. Editor @Emotion_Review @ISREorg. Emotion research, music, science, interdisciplinarity. Opinions my own. He/his.

RT @Eden_Eats: Tonight has major day before Christmas vibes mixed with day before surgery vibes.

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Leco (English teacher with コーチングマインド)

「英語学習者とつながる」英語教師&コーチのアカウント。 ◆英語で語ったり、コーチングの質問をつぶやいたり、 英語学習のコツを紹介したりしています。 ◆レッスンについての詳細はURLより。 ◆もう一つの顔は、日本語教師🇯🇵&GCS認定コーチ。||2021年はスタンドエフエムで聞く👂ブログ始めました。

#ウィークリー英語コラム(2/5) 1週間あるテーマについて #英語 で語ります。 'When do you take down Christmas tree?' In Canada, Christmas trees are…

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Remain rare, nothing like these bitches.

If my baby father don’t buy me a Mother’s Day gift this year, he is barred😭I gave that nigga the BEST Christmas gift in the world.

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