Ashant Sharma

Gully level star cricketer, mediocre engineer. Atheist, wannabe liberal.. Live and let live, और बाकी दोस्ती बनी रहे 🙏

RT @AsYouNotKnow: Yogi to camera man Ek Communal angle se b le picture😂

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Young Based God


RT @97Vercetti: me looking at the supermarket camera after eating a grape

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@ahgaoncecarat’s BNS Account • Collects albums and pocas of GOT7, TWICE, and SEVENTEEN

RT @msncart: pataas nang pataas para siyang nagreready mag tiktok transition 💃 yung ididikit sa noo camera para magblack tas paglayo ng pho…

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मत भर दंभ की है तू प्रचंड। पर्वते भी हो जाती है समतल।। मन में तनिक भी मत पाल घमंड। मनुष्य है तू,बहा मानवता का निर्मल जल।। 🚩 जय श्रीराम 🚩

RT @OpIndia_com: Another spitter on food caught on camera: Meerut Police arrest Naushad for spitting on dough while making roti at a party…

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RT @97Vercetti: me looking at the supermarket camera after eating a grape

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krazy bot 😭😭🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈

Min: How about I kiss Diya on camera? Diya:Don't wanna go on camera. I'll kiss you later. - butterfly soup

Cheap Bots, Done Quick!


Libertarian Transhumanist. American Hegemonist. Secular Jew. Product Manager. Humorless scold with an unworkable political philosophy. lazyposter

RT @ouranometrian: The year is 2024, you've just showed your vaxx card with your 6th booster to the camera in order to get to your job in t…

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Bruno Oliveira


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20↑ 成人済 雑多閲覧垢【hq kmt op dc 呪術 etc...】

RT @autumn_rkgk: 侑北/camera roll

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𝕭𝖗𝖎𝖙𝖓’𝖊 𓂀

ᴸᴱᴼ. ᴬᴿʸᴱˢ. ᴾᴴᴸ. ᴴᴵˢᴾᴬᴺᴵᶜ.

RT @97Vercetti: me looking at the supermarket camera after eating a grape

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Ron L

Midwester of questionable sanity. She/Her Born in 1980

RT @FabulousWeird: THREE-HEADED Photographer Renatas Jakaitis captured this unintended moment when three fallow-deer were walking along a p…

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Pam Vazquez

While Evlin was crying, Corey showed no expression and just kept staring at the camera. Were the tears fake? O…

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IT Professional, Will give my life for My country. Sarva Jano Sukhino Bavanthu. Caution Retweeting is not endorsement.

RT @AnilMatt00: Protest in front for camera, having Buffet in backyard . This is how @INCIndia has been fooling India since inception https…

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𓆩♡ baba yaga is tired ♡𓆪

♃. 도리. 85-liner. Ghost/Fairy Type. Brigitte main. In Multi-stan Hell. She/Her. Museum Collections. Digital Preservation. Spreadsheet Witch.

RT @nameoftheyear: Game Boy Camera selfies taken over 20 yrs apart (1 & 2) Plus some real photo experiments I tried 8 yrs ago; a beachside…

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RT @dreamjeons: jungkook sending hearts to every camera ♡

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