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Nick, but rifle is fine.

Only the penitent man shall pass. I'm an avid car guy, DragonBall fan, nerd(ish), and menace to my own sanity. I'm your new best friend. Lvl. 25

Who's the cooler bald guy: Jason Statham or Bruce Willis?

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Money won is twice as sweet as money earned.

I don’t care if Bruce Willis was off single handily curing COVID-19. The fact he couldn’t be there for one episode…

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Sergii Chernomaz

Volunteer Creative Society

@RenkaPolakova @mkives @mkives please pass invite to Bruce🙏people from 180 countries would love to hear him as a va…

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RT @Marinavash: Dear Bruce #BruceWillis please help bring people together🙏 Be a speaker at the 4.12.21 conference "The Global Crisis. A Tim…

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Especialista en selección y evaluación de talento empresarial. Gte de RH, Cantante, NoFeminista y Animalera 😻 EXIJO QUE AMLO TRABAJE! #LópezDestruyeAMéxico

@marcevodka Uy, pues los calvos son mi hit! Vin Diesel, Bruce Willis, Zizou...y un par de mortales que conozco y me encantan 🥰

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Jim Wall 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

A big, hairy, friendly Welshman whose a station adopter (Talsarnau station) and currently a job hunter (feel free to get in contact with any genuine job offers)

I just viewed a video I quite liked on YouTube: Kevin Smith Got Stood Up By Bruce Willis | Silent But Deadly | Univ…



@i24NEWS_FR Ils n'ont rien inventé, c'est Bruce WILLIS.

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Bobby Brown

@Schmidtlepp @nytimes Erinnert mich etwas an den Film der Schakal mit Bruce Willis.

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Motriuc Alexandr

@AllatRaTV @EmmaHeming @justdemi @TheRue @Scout_Willis @TallulahBWillis @caaspeakers @randcpmk @THR @TheWrap Bruce…

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Why do you need new bands? Everyone knows rock attained perfection in 1974. It's a scientific fact. Homer J. Simpson

@Schmidtlepp @nytimes Total 90er, der Schakal mit Bruce Willis.

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@AllatRaTV @EmmaHeming @justdemi @TheRue @Scout_Willis @TallulahBWillis @caaspeakers @randcpmk @THR @TheWrap Dear B…

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Another Florida Man

Currently microscopic, living inside the head of renowned actor Keith David growing Blueberry Crops.

@GailSimone You know Gail, I just rewatched it last night and you were right. Bruce Willis was not in Pulp Fiction.

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El Candelero del Ciego

Cuenta oficial del programa El Candelero del Ciego. Solo porque ahora no veas, no vamos a dejar de iluminarte ;) #Noticias #Sostenibilidad #Autonomía

🌵 El divertido Roast de Bruce Willis: humillaciones y risas a partes iguales...

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Julie Larson

I want to live in a Creative Society ❤

@AllatRaTV @EmmaHeming @justdemi @TheRue @Scout_Willis @TallulahBWillis @caaspeakers @randcpmk @THR @TheWrap Waw, I…

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Alla A

@AllatRaTV @EmmaHeming @justdemi @TheRue @Scout_Willis @TallulahBWillis @caaspeakers @randcpmk @THR @TheWrap Dear M…

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