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RT @EspoirsduFoot: Pierre Ménès vient de déclarer qu'il attend encore que Jérémy Doku dribble son premier joueur en France. Pour info, le…

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What a drag!!! Chelsea fan woohoo!!!

RT @firstladyship: 2. My story began in 1307 in France. Following the formal suppression of the Order of Knights by 1312, the knights were…

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that bloke

Bite me

@brian_oddfeet @GwynneThomson @FinancialTimes In all fairness Germany is happy to break EU regs whenever it wants t…

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Samuel Poole

After several years my colleagues have finally convinced me to register a Twitter profile.

@twose_brian @BlockedByLeftys @problem_we No matter how hard you lock down cases will rise when restrictions are ea…

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i am the sun in the sky, bitch i gotta shine

RT @Mediavenir: 🇫🇷 FLASH - Emmanuel #Macron « n’a pas prévu de prendre la parole cette semaine », assure l’#Élysée, contactée par France In…

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Brian Pinelli

Journalist. 7 Olympics. "Spanning the globe to bring you the constant variety of sport, the thrill of victory & the agony of defeat" Friend to All. Saluti!

Not particularly flashy, nor does he look like a bad-ass downhiller, but Beat Feuz consistently gets the job done &…

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Joue au tennis. Enseigne le tennis. Suit le tennis. Parle de tennis. Entre autre. A l'occasion, je parle de sports. #KarenKhachanov #GoCavs #PSG

@DimitriLhours @brian_cornet Après le mec est quand même recordman de France du développé couché, donc sa parole en…

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Investor, bullish on crypto. Diversified into stocks.

@JoRichardsKent @brian_tea @BorisJohnson Captain hindsight. At the time nobody knew if a vaccine would take 10 year…

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RT @Mediavenir: 🇫🇷 Histoire : il y a 1 an pile, les 3 premiers cas de #coronavirus étaient détectés en France, à #Paris et Bordeaux. La min…

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Humanity is my religion ||Subaru 💥🚗✊|| follow for Follow|| I Support @ManchesterUnited #GGMU

RT @ShoMadjozi: To fly from Dakar to Abuja you have to first fly to Belgium or France then fly back 😭

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NASCAR Schedule Bot

A bot that breaks NASCAR schedule news, thanks to Made by @vinstoncup.

DID YOU KNOW?: Brian France almost moved the Milwaukee Cup race to Utah Campus in 2004.

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They brought the house, we brought the pain.

@RiverRamirez8 @SepiaRookieCup @Ole_Waylon @TheodoreBear14 @EJPockets @PigeonForgeHOA @brian_thacker @OrFldMarshall…

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The Racing Duck

@TiberiusYetiDev @DreamyZackRacin like its interestsing if you dive into it more, one almost has to wonder if say,…

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Andrew Blakey

Roboticist / Geographer Dad of two boys. Married to my better two-thirds. 🇨🇦

@Not_BrianFrance @senatorshoshana @ConLawWarrior You don't know me because we mostly interacted on my old shitposte…

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I love my family and my motherland! Wish the motherland prosperity!🇨🇳 🇵🇰⚽🇮🇹🇦🇷 小号@chinapetrol

@twose_brian @bobbyuk79 @LeviBhai @Psemtex @GoodiOG @spectatorindex China will not make irresponsible remarks on hu…

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