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Amused Bouche 🌊🏳️‍🌈🌯

It's weird in here.

@chris_notcapn Idris. Lenny, Blair, Obama, Rick Fox, LL, Michael Beach, Jamie Foxx, Bill Bellamy, Sean Blakemore


Blair Kettle

Curiosity at Work - Executive Consulting: Organizational Development + Talent Development + Knowledge Management

@Bill_Gross Interesting. My employer gave one to me (and numerous others) in that year.

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Alex Kurgatnikov

Hockey loving Insurance professional, supporter of Alzheimer's Research.

@NaomiWong1984 Wait a minute, I don't see too many alt right white supremacists- Bill Blair will be protesting

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Alberta Patriot

Retired & like to hunt, fish, target shoot & ride my motorcycle. I despise Trudeau & believe Alberta should separate from the rest of Canada. #MaverickNation

@2019Stevenixon @FirearmsInCDA Bill Blair is the one that seems to be really struggling with the answer to your question!

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rennee sannes

child of grateful immigrants. dislike bs and smrt people, the Russians hijacked my autocorrect...not followed by Greta

Bill Blair clean up aisle 3.... Bill Blair... aisle 3.....

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Formerly known as....

Little Iodine, Princess Margaret Rose Vintner, Vegan

RT @K4C: Kinda thought Bill I am a Trudeau boot licker Blair said he's elected to stop this ?

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Blair and Pepper

@ADunks5 @GemayelHampton @VP Elementary My Dear Watson. Harris, speak up, show up, use VP powers. Haven’t seen anyt…

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17 year LEO in a major metropolitan area. 9 years in one of the most gang and gun riddled neighbourhoods and 8 years with anti-gun units.

@NoGunsInCanada @Happyjustice4 @DrRudaMD1 @timingloop 😂 Nice try NoGuns. Australia actually took it a step furt…

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🎧DJ Professor K(rypt) 🎃👻

Yo! You’ve heard about Jet Set Radio, right?! It’s only the 🔥 hottest radio 📻📡🎶 station straight outta Tokyo-to! Tune in. Turn on. Jet Set Radiooo!!!

RT @leebee999: Dr Michael Yeadon - everything he warned us about is coming true Do we listen to an expert virologist with nothing to gain…

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🇵🇸 Habib حبيب 🇩🇿

"نحن أمة أعزنا الله بالإسلام. فإن ابتغينا العزة بغيره أذلنا الله" #boycottIsrael #boycottFrance #boycottUAE #HirakIsBack

@JabberDooDah People like her and Tony Blair and Bill Gates speak about political and health issues with so much au…

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I love my country and fellow citizens. But we live in very Dark Times. I believe in Freedom and Liberty, 2 things stolen from us and our children

@BreesAnna @LozzaFox @YardleyShooting The First ever Vaccine Passport was introduced by the NAZIs in WW2, it was…

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Robert Glasgow

International trade and investment lawyer. Sports fan. Tweets wide ranging and views my own. He/Him

@RubyMcrae @prairiecentrist I think we have to give a thought to what he knew and when - especially with regard to…

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Living in the most corrupt times, Blue and Red two cheeks of the same Bum, End the Corporatocracy, Pinned down and forcefully injected 3 times in the UK

@Sandiedebarra @drjaneholland @lidl_ireland Its been done in India I think it was a Bill Gates funded trail, the pa…

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Dale Harrison

This guy must be a member of Bill Blair's posse!

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