RT @richardwasthere: @AnitaAnandMP @JustinTrudeau So much missing from this. Tell people where the power comes from. Tell people where the…

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Marianne Murray

@_scottreid So let’s try and charge more battery powered cars. Our power grid is a o.k. to change every car .. all cars 😬🙄

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(ACTOR/ COMIC) Not member of any political party. Offer my own independent view on world events. Living in The Truman Show. 🎬

RT @AnitaWindisman: There is an extensive power outage in downtown Toronto. But thankfully I am getting news updates on my battery powered…

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Leslie Chance

my wife and I will always be Purebloods, NoOne will force us to get these Kill Injections

RT @richardwasthere: @AnitaAnandMP @JustinTrudeau So much missing from this. Tell people where the power comes from. Tell people where the…

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Bakash Davy


RT @IsaacSsemakadde: 7. Switch off your phone, or put it in airplane mode (if you want selfies). It’s always good to spend some time in fe…

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Wedi Woldu

RT @AccutronicsLtd: There are many different types of #medical #battery available, so for #Medtech #OEMs it can be difficult to select the…

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24M Technologies

Industry experts reinventing the lithium-ion battery to enable ultra-low cost energy storage – powered by semisolid lithium-ion technology.

#ICYMI - According to new data from @EIAgov, the capacity of utility-scale #battery storage tripled in the U.S. bet…


Allen Knoll

A Twitter member for many years.....under a different name.

@pittfrog @TruthHere4 @chevrolet You’ve paid top dollar for a vehicle that is anything BUT “green”. Most likely,…

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BSc Forest/Enviro Sciences/Data/Biometrics; Diploma Music. Morning coffee is my role model; hot, dark, strong but never bitter.

@RickAnderson @CC_Yale EV is more efficient at delivering power to drivetrain but liquid fuels have FAR higher ener…

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Jacqueline Valencia 🇨🇴🇨🇦

writer/editor @twuc @ACESEditors | film critic @CriticalFocusCA djJacquelineTO @twitch | instructor @CatapultStory | csr & domestic cleaner | Running. 🏃🏾‍♀️

Power's out here, but kiddo and I are having ice cream on the balcony & listening to our battery powered radio. Lap…

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I'm just a man whose intentions are good. O Lord please don't let me be misunderstood. Go Fund Me link

@Acer Hi again I just checked and it only shows the power supply not a battery Any place else I can look?

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Andrew Perkins

Dad and husband, professor, musician, Tesla HODLer.

@ajtourville @seanmmitchell V2G is more efficient, as you are going to rarely need your battery backup. Assuming yo…

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Hailey Branson-Potts

California reporter for the Los Angeles Times. Oklahoman. Mildly amusing.

RT @haileybranson: My latest for @latimes: In a coastal California town, three iconic smokestacks and their defunct power plant are coming…

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Platform Product Manager for The Mouse making the things that make video work. Husband, father, nerd, ally. If Twitter goes south:

@_BirchTree Had to mock it up. Regular fill down to 21%. Add the number below 20, that's when it's needed. If you'r…

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robert w

prawdziwi twardziele nie jedzą miodu, prawdziwi twardziele jedzą pszczoły!!

RT @BobFlavin: Pole to Pole in a Skoda Enyaq on battery power ONLY!

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