Die hard SF 49ers, SF Giants, LA Lakers, SJ Sharks, and Kobe fan RIP in that order. Crabtree was held ‘13, Bosa was held ‘20.

Jimmy deserves another shot at redemption next year. #bangbangninergang

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Ronnie Romance

Since1990. ESSJ 🦈 @mellatrill ♥️ 🇼🇸🇹🇴

@KaiNacua MY USO! Congrats my brotha. DO WORK in SF 💪🏽💯 #BangBangNINERGang!

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Jeff Wilson Jr. Stan Account

#GoAngels 😇 | #FTTB | #lakeshow | Muslim ☪︎ | #blacklivesmatter | #FreePalestine 🇵🇸


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ستيفن المازان

Follow me on ig @Kingsteez909 snap chat : Uknowmysteez909 #ninergang #goniners #ifb

@gkittle46 can you give a birthday shout out to your number 1 fan n my fiancé @izzzy909 #FTTB #bangbangninergang…

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Nitesh Singh

Believer In and of The Comeback. Practice integrity. Football Coach at Antioch High School.

Your team lost today? I don’t know that feeling this week. #BangBangNinerGang

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Bang Bang Niner Gang. 49ers for life! Vote Trump out!!!

What does one do when you have the house all to yourself and your team is on a bye week??? One puts on her 49ers on…

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9er Rog

Just a simple man who loves his team #9ers

@49ers This vid brings me chills! #bangbangninergang

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Lion Woods

@JerryRice @49ers I’m a fitted dude but I’d rock all of them in 7 5/8. #BangBangNinerGang

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@JerryRice @49ers Got 2 of 3!!! #bangbangninergang

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I want to turn into a Super Saiyan ☄️ 📷 Instagram: sassy_saya 👻 SC: Sayaphet

@CFLOW1 #BangBangNinerGang ❤️💛

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Just a man on a mission baby... woooo! contact›››

@ProFootballTalk Well he's not. His numbers are good, but not better than @fred_warner . Darius has 40 solo tackles…

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Stacy Sandoval

@Sweet_Fantasiez Sorry my love this is one photo I can't like #bangbangninergang 🥰😘💯

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orlando griffin

#DOINGWHAT I DO ##420team#wedontsmokethesame #TEAMLIFE#49er4Life

The #buckethat #bangbangninergang

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Mark Newman

Draft Beer Quality Technician and Craft Beer aficionado. Bassist for Shay Lynn and the Dusty Backroads Band. Proud Irish-American and Combat Veteran.

Welcome, Tak! We need you! #BangBangNinerGang #EdgeRush