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Korey Kruse

✈️Rocket surgeon 👨‍🔬

@Leedsunited_fan @Anna_Soubry @GaryLineker @ManUtd He kicked a ball into a players crotch after he was already whis…

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@debjaniduncan @Anna_Soubry @GaryLineker @ManUtd EDIT: Comedy Gold

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Phillip Your Cans

Frustrated Newcastle United fan, horse lover, space cadet, and all round thoroughly nice chap

@debjaniduncan @Anna_Soubry @GaryLineker @ManUtd Well, not for everyone

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Laissez les bon temps rouler! If you don’t know where you’re going, any path will get you there.

@debjaniduncan @Anna_Soubry @GaryLineker @ManUtd It's wonderful!

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Richard Kawalec

@Anna_Soubry @GaryLineker @ManUtd One woman's droves is another woman's trickle. You're deluded.

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M 3.5% 💙 RightToProtest #FBPA #FBPE #GTTO #RiseUp

migrant, ex civil servant, vegetarian, owned by 2 dogs. Saddened by extremism, cruelty, injustice & hates fascism #LongLiveEurope #BlackLivesMatter

RT @WernerT_Man: @spaceangel1964 @carolJhedges @RemainingKind @abcpoppins @csibike1 @James48066529 @voiceseurope @MadameMerteuil @fascinato…

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Jeremy Alexander

Dalmatian lover and proud owner of Matilda. Enjoys good food and avid follower of horse racing, rugby union, golf and tennis. Pro-EU. Anti-Johnson and Trump.

@leng_wanda @taru_sisko Thanks. He’s a new one on me and presumably keeps a low profile. Broxtowe was much better o…

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Leeds united 💪

@KoreyKruse @Anna_Soubry @GaryLineker @ManUtd He was kicking the ball that’s why there was no card given, but it wa…

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@debjaniduncan @Anna_Soubry @GaryLineker @ManUtd It's absolutely hilarious 🤣

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Fairness 🌹

@Anna_Soubry @GNev2 @SkySportsPL What about notts county

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Kate Makuen 💙🖖🏻🕷🕯

#FBPE #FBR #EFTA4UK #CMO #FinTech #RegTech #Brand #Purpose #SAAS #ScaleUps #Strategy #NED #ESG #Ecosystems 🇬🇧🇪🇺🇺🇸 https://www.linkedin/in/katemakuen

RT @WernerT_Man: @spaceangel1964 @carolJhedges @RemainingKind @abcpoppins @csibike1 @James48066529 @voiceseurope @MadameMerteuil @fascinato…

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Paul Taylor

Blocked by Piers Morgan for tweeting that he is touting for "Likes" Retired Early - Notts County Fan

@SilvaSurfer4 @Anna_Soubry @GNev2 @SkySportsPL Can you imagine @GNev2 in HOC under pressure at question time.... pe…

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Kelvin Knox #LockdownNow

Head of 2012 Studies at University College Borehamwood. Former dancer on Hitman and Her + Pink Windmill Show. Anglo-Scot.

@Anna_Soubry @GaryLineker @ManUtd 5-0 to the Manchester Red Devils. Oleg has had a nightmare.

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Chris T-D

RT @ThatTimWalker: ‘There were members of the cabinet, too, and senior journalists on the Sun who’d tell me to ‘keep going.’ It was all ver…

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Veggie PorkPie #FBPE #FBIW #TakeBackBritain #GTTO

Foreign, British, English, Irish, Welsh, German ex EU citizen, sabotEUr writer. #BLM #YesCymru Account of Polly Ernest, Forever European

@WernerT_Man @spaceangel1964 @carolJhedges @csibike1 @James48066529 @voiceseurope @MadameMerteuil @fascinatorfun…

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