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#ChronicPain ♿️ #StocksNerd #LongTermInvestor OPINIONS ARE NOT ADVICE! #BanGuns #GetVaxxed #Vaxxed Apr21 #WearAMask #PassHR3755 #GetAFluShot

@JohnA_USMCvet @ResusCGMedia I’m not confident but I’m getting sick of this shit and I’m sure the rest of America i…

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David Mello

Blogger and Staff writer at Whedonopolis, former radio reporter who got some praise from AP. Hoping my tweets today will be someone's riffs tomorrow

OK, how soon before @billmaher will suggest (in jest) that Biden quit and let Trump be President again, which will…

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Lenny 233

Healthcare worker, love mankind and want it to survive. We must all do our part to get rid of Covid. Take care of the planet and each other, vote out the fools

@RepAdamSchiff @DropnJewels Please don’t let America down , do all you can to push this along, before 2022, Trump…

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Tommy C, Jazz Drummer and Vocalist

@GOP Biden would never admit Trump knows how to fix the OIL! problem! He knows because he lived when Trump ran the…

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Jeff Hardy

@seanhannity Hannity! Its so nice to see and hear you speak cause we all need to hear someone with frickn common se…

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Todd McFall

Professional Firefighter/Lieutenant/EMT-I/Hazmat Team Leader, married to Sally, father to Walker

@TheLionRoars101 @FoxNews Lol, you make me laugh. Finally had a President that put America first. No way with Bid…

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Tracy Lydia


It's so stupid when Trump was President everyone who hates him yelled (he's not my President) It is stupid that eve…

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Politically Homeless. Country over party. Boston Sports nut. 🍕 whore.

@SistroMondain @EWErickson Except I’m not even a democrat or leftist. I just don’t buy into all the non sense or…

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Michael Hopkins

Retired after teaching high school social studies and coaching basketball for 40 years. Recently inducted into the Wisconsin Basketball Coaches Hall of Fame.

@alfranken Not only is the GOP eroding democracy in America, it is also eroding our country's standing in the world…

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Jarod hubbart

@RembrantSir @James73055552 @realLizUSA This has nothing to do with Trump. Why don’t you do some research on the U…

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