Father of Two, Husband of One, Vet, Small Business Owner, Proud and Hopeful American

RT @Congressman_JVD: Where are the environmentalists? Where is the outrage? Almost a dozen dead whales have washed ashore in the NJ region…

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Skid 💥 bkdk !

20 | bkdkbk | i write 💥 | eng/esp | Gotta win… right, Izuku? 🥀

Luckily, Izuku is as annoyingly oblivious as ever, and doesn’t even notice the stupid smirk she throws Katsuki’s wa…

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Joycelyn Persad

Retired Accounting Clerk ,Wannabe Monk /Poly Math / Unknown Genius. (No DM’s Please.)

RT @DogFamous24: 01/28/2023🌈 Until we meet again old friend. It was a good ride and I'll cherish these past 10 years furever🤍…

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🅶🅾🅶🅾-🆂🆃🅾🅻🅸 - משה מרדכי - #IFBAZ 🇮🇱 🇳🇱

Antisemitism hunter. #TrojanWarriors Anti-Zionism=#antisemitism. #ThePalestinianLie all they have. End #PaytoSlay. 🇮🇱 Am Yisrael Chai 🇮🇱

RT @RepHarshbarger: There’s no place for anti-Semites on @HouseForeign. Time and again, Ilhan Omar has used her platform as a Member of Con…

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just as annoying in person

RT @holy_schnitt: i’ve said it before with regards to leaking female content creators’ nudes and i’ll say it again with regards to this dee…

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Willow Springs Raceway

Check out Willow Springs on You Tube Rodi Thomas Motorsports (Subscribe Today)

@FormulaDrift @michaelessa Thank you Mike for all the time you’re team came to Willow Springs Raceway! We will see you again soon!

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colvin james cairns

RT @RachelReevesMP: Only a Labour government will get our economy growing again.

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Liz Haller

RT @ChrisPlanteShow: It’s that time of the week again! I’ll be answering your questions on air tomorrow during our Wednesday mailbag segm…

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Jordan | PressAToJay

Content Creator | Player 2 to @eeveemeohmy | Father to Dante & Avelina | ADHD | Speedcuber | Guy with the Stache | He/Him All inquiries to

PTCGL is updated, tonight I'll get through my backlog of code cards and maybe play a few matches again. Sad that I…


Alice Silva

RT @DrEliDavid: 🚨 Breaking: New report shows masks have ZERO efficacy in preventing respiratory viruses. Remember “trust the experts”? The…

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Brian Winiesdorffer

It's another Tampa-licious Day!

RT @BillKristol: Trump goes all in on preferring Putin to the U.S. government. It’s good to have clarity on this. And it’s an opportunity f…

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Shayne Williams


RT @Luciow1992: Never would’ve guessed that this would be the last game Antonio Brown would ever wear a Steelers jersey again #Steelers #…

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I mean, Winnie the Pooh said I have a very beautiful name so who can argue 🥰

RT @RGC_BPPA: Once again, reminding everyone that I am still raising funds now and through the month of February. Immediate needs are mino…

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Andrew ⚽️

NJ | NYC 🇵🇪

RT @Iconic_Mourinho: Rafa Benitez, 2013: "Terry is too old to play the whole 90 minutes." Then José Mourinho was appointed again, played J…

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David Poland

It's show time, folks. (retweets can mean anything from an endorsement to “can you believe this f***ing idiot?”)

@MalcampoRodrigo Again, you are guessing at details.

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