RT @GWANJEZ: Garvey was born in Jamaica but his focus was "Africa for the Africans! Those at home and those abroad!" He was once asked "Do…

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dylan matthias

RT @akho_mnandi: If this ‘Put South Africans First’ nonsense continues unabated, it will lead to something really dangerous.

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muah 💋

RT @DAMAGEDTROOP410: Just read up on how enslaved Africans went to war against the Cherokee natives and escaped to Mexico

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Freedom Converse

Guerrilla Propagandist proud nationalist Anti-imperialist

RT @MikaChavala: #ECOWAS listen to the innocent Malians. Now it’s the time for Africa to raise one voice against France's exploitation. Sto…

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The open source community for Black technologists around the world 🌏

RT @Warrior4Power: MEMO 16 White power operates on the basis of Brutish Angol-Saxon market fundamentalism and Roman rule-based organised v…



ORGANISING BROTHERS to focus on the real work of establishing a NEW POWERFUL FREE AFRIKAN SOCIETY in Africa. Come join us on YouTube look for WARRIOR4POWER

MEMO 16 White power operates on the basis of Brutish Angol-Saxon market fundamentalism and Roman rule-based organi…

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RT @NcongwaneKa: I'm just worried that the South African Media and News Channels are misinforming our SA nation buy being biased, they don'…

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@martinplaut @_AfricanUnion the finger print looks like you and your alike who was falsely accusing UAE,TURKEY and…

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CallMe Maska

straight out of Zambane land 🇿🇦

RT @TrevorEinnor: Nigeria's population is 3.5x larger than South Africa's, yet SA's is the more productive. Highest population in Africa v…

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Phala Dialla

We look at white people and think, Oh! my God. True story of the Apartheid Museum

RT @Tsholo_Blacki: When you understand how Africans look at Christian priest, you will understand why Desmond Tutu was made chairman of the…

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Evolution. 🇰🇪

RT @Africa_Archives: Both A and B happened but A was erased from History. 98% of Africans were taught B in their entire life.…

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Kbiso Kabelo Phelelo


RT @Newzroom405: Daily Maverick journalist, Rebecca Davis says during his testimony at the State Capture Commission, President Cyril Ramaph…

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I never make the same mistake twice. Three, four times maybe. But never twice. | Red Manchester | Humanist | 🇳🇬👹⚽💯

RT @kakoozaRonald_: Mendy won FIFA best male goal keeper award 2021 and some Africans find it unsatisfying let's learn to appreciate our ow…

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ᴿᵃᵈʰᵉˢʰʸᵃᵐ 💞


RT @Prabhas_ET: I don't understand y u confined him n fight wiz antis 4 pan india tag...he achieved more than dat..he made foreginers learn…

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Close and Control Borders.


RT @Stan87479150: @BobbyObodo @SelbyNhleko @Galela15505225 @GaytonMcK Afrikaners are South Africans and we love them . DRUG DEALERS must be…

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