nodding off

too poor to live, too young to die

@Jacobthz U probably have adhd

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Book Gremlin

This is a good article If you want to understand adhd a bit more. It's written for kids. But still applies to adult…

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john gerassimou

A very blessed christian.A proud grandfather.A retired ford auto worker.I pray for the N D P to get elected to deliver social democracy and elevate the poor.

RT @loumckennaa: Now that I am no longer working for the federal government my medications cost over $500/month. I can’t afford them anymor…

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𝗰𝗮𝗺𝗲𝗿𝗼𝗻 𝒐𝒃𝒔𝒄𝒖𝒓𝒂🧛🏻‍♂️🦇🌛

21. artist./doodler.&designer. 💟 be kind ! ♻️ he/him #BLM #ACAB #PROTECTTRANSLIVES #ADHDBRAIN⚠️

RT @StructuredSucc: [TW: Food, Eating Disorders] Many ADHD'ers have a complicated relationship with food. ADHD medication (especially sti…

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dumb of ass

⚠️TW!! ED, SH, classical mental illness luv. I'm Gee, 18y/o, He/Him, pleased to meet u

🥀my diagnosis as for today is BPD, ADHD and GAD, I believe i might also be autistic but i haven't yet been diagnose…

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ash ♡’s uzuki 🌊 2 days!

🤍 ʚ @onigenji ɞ 🤍 — diehard uzukiP & riko oshi

me: *adhd making me fixate and infodump on the interest I’m talking about, which is also making me talk too fast an…

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Simone Hanna

A Streetcar Named Disaster

@SeoirseDuffy_ Should come, been told I’m very ADHD but you’ll have a GOOD time

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2020 Hugo Winner (Fan Artist) Elise Matthesen

Wirebender, wordsmith. World Fantasy Award nominee 2009. Minicon Artist GoH 2021. All your pronouns are belong to me. (Most folks use she/her; any will do.)

RT @blkgirllostkeys: My final word for ADHD month: Please stop treating people who choose meds as though they’re lazy or deceived by mark…

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Anarchismus. weiß, neurodivergent, behindert, nichtbinär (call me Enby), trans, demi-aro, greyace, pan, Spalter*in dey/demm/deren

RT @blkgirllostkeys: My final word for ADHD month: Please stop treating people who choose meds as though they’re lazy or deceived by mark…

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shira “I have ADHD” folberg

Jewish, bisexual mental health advocate and aspiring writing who talks a lot about having ADHD and OCD.

RT @chaoticgaythey: If you're curious what ADHD is like, I've been debating whether to get pizza or go out for a veggie burger for the last…

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joan jett enthusiast

the fact that some people dont have adhd???? wtf like some of yall just live a normal life without having adhd

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Lady Mina Morningstar

⚜️Artist, Musician, Performer, Writer⚜️ 📕Newbie #Dungeonmaster (#dnd5e)🎻

@GhostofRedMt Nice! 🙌 We're actually moving back to vaping, he bought us both nice mods the last time he had a good…

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simo ✨ cerberus stan account

simo • white, 23, canada • they 🇬🇧/il 🇫🇷 ✨ promare, one piece, naruto, yugioh ✨

tomorrow I am getting *re*-diagnosed with ADHD? my doctor wants me to be diagnosed by a psychiatrist and not just a…

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Ajax-o-Lantern ★

He/Him || 16 || Cinthean || ★ADHD (Diagnosed)★ || Ult Plant/Zombie || private: @AjaxPriv || #blacklivesmatter

yusuke is adhd that is myy headcanon ty and goodnight

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Hazel Gold

Writer of SFF short stories and #choicescript interactive fiction. They/them. Support me on Patreon:

Tutorials are boring and I have ADHD. I'm gonna learn Scrivener by just damn well creating a project for my NaNoWriMo novel.

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