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Life must suck so much when your fave doesn't make you feel loved or appreciated. Thank God I STAN KIM JISOO

RT @Aloharosie: 🗣:You did so many crying acting in mvs before and everyone said you’re so good at acting,how u think about it? —feel so shy…

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isabela catherine


RT @L0VEQUACKITY: here are some carrds about issues happening in mexico, info about immigration, and more. there are some go fund me’s as w…

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The Scorpio Simulation

♏️ ☼ · ♒️ ☾ · ♊️ ↑, 🇵🇹 🇺🇸, Advertising and History student, Astrology and Tarot, Astro Chart Readings: Closed for Now

This next week is the last full week of classes of my sophomore year, and just thinking about that honestly sounds insane to me

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Novelist's Corner

Networking for readers, writers and novelists. Book reviews, writing tips, publishing help and publicity. #Books #AmReading #MustRead #AskEditor #GetPublished

RT @WriteHereUK: ‘I’m always going to be drawn to novels that feature strong voices and I’m partial to books that take me right into the he…

Manuscript Head Hunters



RT @ChigozieKenndy2: Biafrans must not allow strangers to use your resources to arm themselves and chase you out of your land. U must defen…

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John Paul Faour

Texas Southern University alumni 2007. #Tron $dice $live

I dislike the guy (excluding @elonmusk because he can) who gets on social media and post there are getting off twit…

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wait, you like me for my personality? {bi; any pronouns} multifandom mess|23

@tr4shley Yes like he still manages to talk about racism WITHOUT exploiting our pain or making us watch these snuff…

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Anobaith ♢

Self-proclaimed artist. I draw anime girls and abominations ♢ DM me for Commissions ♢ ID/EN/JP 🆗 ♢ I stream games on youtube, art on twitch

this sounds silly but I didn't expect people to be congratulating me for 1 year of activity and to be excited about…

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fifi 🌕

⇢ #SYKKUNO: stream agoraphobic =Dˎˊ˗ ꒰ always here for amigops & the J10 friends. | 03.24.21 corpsekkuno day : D

RT @botkkuno: Seeing Sykkuno talk about how nice Jodi was when they first met reminded me of this moment 🥺

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Fully self-made low-poly video game boss Vtuber! | 1312 BLM 🏳️‍⚧️ she/her | My DMs are open~ ✏️ #GauntlArtQueen | #envtuber #vtuber pfp: @NessieFynn

Some people: "Wow, you're so extroverted!" Me, who has massive fomo and can't bring herself to be part of any grou…



RT @DanMay91: Best bit about this is Jeff's reaction Sue Smith saying it was a long ball forward to Dallas... Fuck me have a word 🤦🏻‍♂️ #LU…

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방탄소년단⟭⟬⁷ 트레저✧¹² 🇲🇽

RT @trsr_weverse: [ #JIHOON | WEVERSE ] 👤 " Jihoon, you are lying about your age, right? 22 years old? It doesn't make sense to me just by…

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제시 ⁷

1992 earthling ⓥ scientist. rock enthusiast. LP soldier. 2017 아미. here for @BTS_twt 💜 it's okay not to be okay, have hope.

@NamjoonGranger genuinely I'm about to cry with you saying that, thank you. please do give it a try, if you have an…

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• Childe • is home

#原神 okay, perhaps, I'm a bit of a bad guy

@CradleofJade Zhongli? Are you... About to fall asleep? Do you need me to carry you back? [ Childe spoke softly,…

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Yumeko Jabami✨

INFP/ENFP | Hip-Hop Connoisseur| ZETA🕊| Sun♐️Rising ♍️ Moon♎️ Gamer 👾| Tweets are my own thoughts and only reflect me.

RT @Drashawnna1: I am not no fake bitch when I don’t fuck with a mfer I don’t. I won’t. It’s hard for me to pretend like I’m cool with bitc…

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