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💻 Edición, producción y dirección de contenido en #ElCórner de @easportsesp en @Elevenmed | 🎮 Juego FIFA por pasión,no por trabajo | 📩

RT @Sporf: 😳 'I don't wish anybody anything bad... I don't think it was a good day for football yesterday!' 🍿 Klopp's not too impressed wi…

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evan 🧚🏾‍♀️

womanist - lover + fighter - ascending ✨🌹

RT @ihatedai: I hope all men/women that support black sex workers have a great day

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autism acid anarcho-communism

RT @LindaStupart: Being non binary is not (just) an identity position it is a refusal of the arbitrary categories of ‘male’ and ‘female’ as…

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eloisa talenjale

Everything you need, will come to you at the perfect time ❤️#BTC #CRO #TRON #BNB #SLNS #PSP

@ashley20196 @moneycomment Hope you’re having a great day and stay positive 😊

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senator mommy

andalusian dog / ♊︎ ♉︎ ♓︎ / she•her

RT @dusttodigital: Remembering Woody Guthrie, born on this day in 1912 in Okemah, Oklahoma. Here he is performing in a subway car in New Yo…

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Pickled in the brine of futility. Proud Member of the Cult of Deplorable Dregs

@GovofCO It's a beautiful day! Get out in the sunshine and BREATHE SOME FRESH AIR! Much healthier than a mask.

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Donald Wright

Senior Tech Support Engineer. Gaming. Sports?

@ElyseWillems Absolutely, without a doubt. I already wait for sales or Game Pass, so increasing the price to $70 fo…

Fenix 2


Founder Of Rex Army, Gaming Enthusiast, Former Mixer Partner, House Of 1000, Full Sender

Who Ever Is Reading This I Hope You Have A Great Day Today! ​☀️​🏄

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Neidin ❃

A day without laughter is a day wasted ✨

If I could be hugging a dog 24 hours of the day 7 days a week that would be great

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Candy D Plorable

Conservative, Christian Wife - - #CCOT #BENGHAZI #PJNET #SisterPatriots #AllLivesMatter IFB #MAGA B/U @CANDELITD - if you DirectMsg me, I'll unfollow you

RT @truthstorm66: Sandra, her real name never lived a hard day in her life she's a complete fraud. Research

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Your Boy Vontay


RT @D_Willlll: @_maiile @KingJenee @SierraKC_ @cassandrasteele @Degrassi Download Pluto Tv, its free & its a specific chanel for degradsi.…

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✖️Lulu ✖️

two words one finger

RT @spongbob_facts: SPONGEBOB FACT: On this day in 1986, a legend was born. Happy 34th birthday SpongeBob!!

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🌺I'm a dreamer with nothing left to dream trying to tear a hole in the seam of reality🌿

RT @CrownPrinceXie: Here is also a PV dropped by the manhua production team! Please enjoy them as well. May the day end well for you and ev…

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spop, apex legends, sw, mcu, atla

a glorious day indeed

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