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Bea Noodle

I'm Bea. Fucking Lesbian ❤️@intonerlime❤️ Private: @PrivateNoodle Reading Umineko EP8 Atlus| DrakeNieR| WTC/07th| Type Moon| VN|JRPG| Fighting Game| Eva fan

@k9522_ Incels. It's honestly still weird to me how high some people value sex, like it's really dumb

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Best Aesthetic

Why the fuck did nobody bother to redpill me on synthetic fabrics. How am I just now learning that wearing polyeste…

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Synthwave cat lady. Educator librarian. She/her. Abortion is healthcare, trans rights are human rights. Atheist. No DMs.

@Anziris @themac791 @ZetaZoop @kikoskorner @MaestroMorgan17 @smiggell @Zoolandur @DramaLlamaAcc @nahnahnikki…

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Matthew J. Gleason Writer

They/them. 24. Words: @unstamaticmag @Sirens_Call @PathTales My collection Strange Phenomena is on Amazon. Blood Ties comes out in 2023.

@wheelinspace I have between 0 and 2 depending on how you interpret my parental relationships and If I like having…

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Deborah Kay

stubborn as can be, quiet as a mouse, and the most loyal friend you could ever have

@VitoRandazzo15 @SenatorTester Except for that pesky constitution. Don’t want a marriage between the same sex? Don’…

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Meenu Badilya

RT @Indic_din: Dalits are viewed as untouchables in the Brahmin caste system, and their women are used as sex slaves to brahmins. Here are…

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sofia’s booktwt ━✫ inactive era

rotting away in bed with a stack of unread books ✰༉‧₊˚✧ #COBALLOWAY — “I’ll shield your ears from the sound of heartbreak” ⁺☽˚₊✧*.࿐୨୧

RT @emmysbeckett: addiction like those were the worst years of her life she was SO depressed and deep into her addiction not to mention she…

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